Tuesday, June 2, 2020

A Late Post for Monday

A day filled with unwelcome news. My Skype buddy is in the hospital in N J with pancreatitus. That must be spelled wrong. Too lazy to look it up. So we didn't communicate except by phone. I think she'll be getting her iPad soon but I was so worn out after a doctor's appointment, I slept from noon till 11:00 p.m. (Not good.)

Missed fixing Lee anything to eat. Luckily he is a good person in the kitchen. When I worked (outside the home) he would cook meals for us! I know he didn't go hungry. And he even asked me, when I finally woke up, if he could fix something for me!  What a guy!

By the way, the doctor told me to keep doing what I'm doing. That's encouraging!

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Another Beautiful Day

Eighty-six is pretty warm.  I guess summer is here. We trimmed some branches off the trees that were hanging over the side walk. I pulled them down and Lee lopped them off. We had noticed them some time ago and today a woman walked by and had to duck down.  Time to trim!

We decided on a treat - Ken's pizza - for lunch. I also ordered groceries online so we will pick them up between 5:00 and 6:00. What a great service, temporarily free. After this pandemic is over, it will be $4.95. That is still a bargain.

Later: There are eleven spots for grocery pick-up. All seven on one side of the lot were taken! We have ever seen that before. Luckily one van left so we had a spot on the closer side. Sunday evening must be a popular time to get an order.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Saturday? Already?

The days just fly by with so many naps. We successfully got Jack through his wellness appointment except that I had trimmed his nails the night before but doctor thought they looked way too long (!)

So he trimmed them some more. He said two of them bled but he put powder on them and he'll be ok. Dang! He did this before to Jill. Doesn't he have a trimmer with a guard? I do and I've never cut our dogs' nails and cause them to bleed.  I was really irritated that he did it again.

And yes, he charged us for the trim. It should have been free with an apology to Jack. This sweet, shy dog is so laid back, I'm sure he didn't even protest. Since we had curb service, I was in the car. If I had been in there I think I would have said something - or maybe not. I didn't say anything when he told me outside,

Oh. And he needs his teeth cleaned.

So do I.

Thursday, May 28, 2020


Tomorrow we have an errand to do which will involve paying money. We have plenty of cash on hand to just hand them the amount which they are going to charge us. In the checking account we might go below the amount required to keep in the account if we wrote a check.

(Is this clear so far?)

My decision was to use the cash. Someone else had a different opinion. His solution: Drive to the bank, use the drive-through, write a deposit slip, deposit the money, tomorrow write another check.
On my count this is five separate transactions or steps. For my idea, one deal - hand them the money.

Guess which one we did.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Nice Weather

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Middle 70's is great. Too bad I wasted it with a couple of naps.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Trip to the Clinic

From 8:45 am to 10:45 am I was at the doctor's office. Checking up on some different stuff going on. One of our former doctors (we've retired three so far) told me that after fifty it was patch, patch, patch. I believe it.

The main reason for the delay was an attempt to send an order from the second floor to the first floor by means of computer. Could the call it down? Could they write a note and have it delivered? I was ready to go get it my "own" self!

After EKG, X-Ray and lab,  I was free to go home. A very long stretch.  About 90% of the public were wearing masks. All of the employees were.

Monday, May 25, 2020


This is an Atom Popper, made right here in the flatlands of Kansas. I saw something on the internet about a chef making popcorn in a metal bowl instead of a popper. You needed heavy pot holders or gloves to hold the metal bowl in order to shake it. A wok was mentioned. Well here is the answer to all that fol der rol.  It has actual wooden handles. And shaking is unnecessary because all the kernels on the bottom stay there until they pop (or not) and the lovely popped corn rises to the top. It is a joy to use and we had one many years ago. Where it disappeared to, I'll never know. This one showed up at a thrift store and I grabbed it. Best item ever to top corn.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

More Groceries

I guess I am not a very good planner. The last time I ordered from our Dillons/Krogers store, I thought I had enough to last a couple of weeks.

Nope. So today Someone decided he would go, ride their scooter and pick up what we (he?) needed. For the third time the battery died on the store's scooter. This time in just a short trip to the back of the store. An employee got him another one and he shopped. And shopped. And I waited. And waited.

I would guess that about ninety percent of the people who went in and out of the store in the 80 minutes I was there, did not have masks on. The spike hasn't hit here. We'll see how this works out.

We came home and unloaded and put away.

Oh yes. We are battling some ants. Mainly in the bathroom. Irritating and disgusting little insects. I'm glad the aren't in the kitchen.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Four Snaps in Time

This was a while ago. Our son MLN is beating up on his cousin, MLN, in Emporia. If it were wrestling, I think Mitch would have pinned Mike in a minute but since it looks like boxing, Mike is ahead of the game.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

A Book

In November, 2018 or oldest granddaughter asked if I would do Story Worth. Since I had no idea what this was, I said, "Please tell me more." (Or something like that. I really don't remember what I said but the thing was all new to me.)

It seems there is this company that will send you subjects to write about - things in your life from the beginning to now. If you aren't inspired by the subject of the day, you can choose another idea. Well, since I was already blogging and writing about present stuff, I could do that and write about my childhood - or whatever they had questions about. At the end of the year, it was possible to buy a book with all these short pieces published.

It went on, once a week, for a year. It was fun to see what ideas they suggested. None were very deep, or philosophic questions . . . mostly daily life.

And today the book arrived. Miss Taylor sent it to me and it is very nicely done! Lee and I are both excited about it. I had no idea it would be of such high quality.

Thank you, Taylor. It was a very lovely thing that you wanted me to do this and so kind of you to give me a copy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

IV Day

Today I go get an infusion at our local hospital. They call it a regional medical center, but I still say hospital. The nurses are so nice. They offer a warm blanket or a drink of coffee. I go every eight weeks and they even remember my name!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Errand Day

Well, we had to pick up groceries. And pet food. And return a mutilated bill that we must have received from the ATM to the bank for a full, untorn bill.

Speaking of bills, I saw a program today about scamming. Some clever people can convince other persons that if they dip white paper cut to the size of a United States $20 bill into a secret solution, the bill will reveal that it is actually a hundred dollar bill. They demonstrate this with three bills they select from a stack and it works. So the victim of the scam believes they are all hundreds and pays some huge amount for the chance to be cheated. It is very sad.

Our weather is very nice. However, there seems to a lot of pollen on the loose.

One of life's smaller problems . . .

Monday, May 18, 2020


Today I made stew again. We really like it. I had forgotten that I used the last of the carrots so I added a lot of celery, onion and cabbage plus the can of diced tomatoes. And the meat was very tender.

After all that chopping, I needed a nap after lunch. It is amazing what a few household chores do to make me tired!

I called the vet to get an appointment for Jack's "wellness check." Lee had told me we needed to do that for Wally. That was our last dog before these two. We laughed about it. I get on the phone and waited with Claire de Lune as the wait tune! Very delightful listening and then I told the receptionist I needed to make an appointment for Wally.

I'll swear, I do miss my mind.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Two Shawls

I have seen some beautiful shawls on a blogger friend's posts. I made three many years ago - one was even knitted. They were brown and white. So since my blogger friend did her first selfie with a scarf, I decided to try it with two of mine. As I look at the triangular white one, I cannot see how it was constructed! I do not have the pattern and I can't tell if I started at the narrow end and increased or vice versa. I remember seeing a photo of Kathrine Hepburn in a movie roll wearing a shawl with a similar stitch. The knit number looks way to complicated for me now!

You can also tell that I have not been to a hair cut place for quite some time. ( I was concentrating on keeping the reflection of the light glare out of my glasses.)

Friday, May 15, 2020

Early Rumbling

I went to bed very early last night. We have no schedule here. When we are tired, we sleep. When we are hungry, we eat.

So about 4:00 a.m. I woke up hearing this continual rumbling sound. Someone had turned on the tv so I thought it was coming from the movie that was showing. I found the remote and hit the mute button. Still rumbles!

Finally I figured out it was constant thunder. Not the loud crashing kind; just low and never stopping.
I have never heard that before in Kansas. As I write this four and a half hours later, I have the thought, "Is that the sound of a tornado that people refer to as a train approaching?

I looked out the window and it was a real downpour. We won't have to water for a while. Our great neighbor to the north has the yard looking beautiful. He mows and he even fertilized a while back. Such good people surround us here on all sides.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Thursday Already?

I must have lost a day. I woke up feeling not so alert yesterday so after I had some breakfast, I just went back to bed. About eleven I got up and put the roast in the small crockpot. With the potatoes, carrots and onion, that may have been a mistake. Five hours on high and we had a delicious supper. It didn't run over but the liner broke so I had a different clean up job.

I didn't tell my room mate that we didn't get an eye of the round roast which is what he prefers. They substituted a chuck roast which he considers too fat. I cut off all the fat after it was slow cooked and it was very good. He evidently didn't notice any difference and I am not about to mention it.

I checked the receipt from the grocer and they did not charge us for the roast! Hmmmmm. I knew if they had to substitute something that was more expensive, they would only charge the lower price but I didn't know that they might give a "sub" away!  It's almost like the lottery only this time we won.

So today I will make hash out of what it left with a jar of gravy (how lazy can you get? I could hear my mom saying, "Canned gravy!!!!" if she had ever heard of such a thing.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Napkin Ring

Didn't they make lovely things to hold your napkin, which was cloth, many years ago? This was my dad's napkin ring when he was a child. How many times was it moved, carefully wrapped and packed away by my grandmother from Iowa, to Kansas; then by me to Texas and back to Kansas? It is porcelain and very beautiful.

Monday, May 11, 2020

The Three Mugs

Fifty-seven years ago I bowled on a team with two other friends, Vera May and Nancy. We had more fun. I was a terrible bowler with horrible form. No athletic grace or ability here.

 But whenever I pick this mug for my coffee, I remember those two and the fun we had.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day

This is my mom on her thirty-fifth wedding anniversary.  She was a great mom and I'm sorry for any troubles I gave her - mostly after I was old enough to know better.

Sadly she didn't get to her thirty-sixth. She was only sixty but we had lots of good times and I have good memories.

Friday, May 8, 2020

One Day Service

There is a pot hole growing on a  near-by busy street. I kept thinking I should call the city street department.

This morning I did. A nice man took my message with the location.

About two hours later we were driving home from a clinic visit for Lee and the city truck was filling the hole!


Thursday, May 7, 2020

Who Irons Seersucker?

Putting the laundry away straight out of the dryer is mostly the way we do it around here. Very few things need ironing. Sweat shirts and old seersucker blouses make up a lot of my wardrobe so straight onto a hanger they go!

Well, I decided to wear one of my favorite thrift shop blouses, purchased years ago when Linda P. and I used to go look for bargains. I put it on and holy moly! The whole right sleeve was ripped from the elbow down.  It must have had a rough ride in the washer and dryer.

Someone said, "Buy some new blouses!" I said, "Now? Are you serious?" I never liked to shop anyway and I have plenty of things to wear. But I decided to save it.

I got out a pen, marked the cut lines and whacked it off below the elbow. (I did take it off first.)

My sewing machine is sitting idle on a desk. It's an Elna Quilters Dream machine. Since I stopped quilting. it has seen very little use. So little in fact, that I forgot how to use the automatic needle threader. After about fifteen minutes I got that solved and stitched a hem into those sleeves.

A nice summery blouse that needs no ironing.
P.S. Judith, tell Grace I saved the buttons.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020


Am I the only one who remembers the character, Mumbles, in the Dick Tracy comic strip? He was a criminal (I don't remember his crime) who spoke so low and so indistinctly that his nickname was Mumbles.

This morning I was listening to the local radio talk show - a once a week program that lets the locals express the complaints or praise for situations in our town or country. The voices all sounded garbled. I wondered if it is our radio or their mics. I had noticed this before but today was especially annoying.

I grabbed the hearing aides that our older son had given me (was that a hint?) I had tried them before and noticed how paper crinkles loudly and the water is very noisy coming out of the tap.

After I had them on for a short time, I heard a very dim male voice. My first thought was a walkie-talkie in the neighborhood that was bleeding into my frequency (!) A few minutes later I heard it again. It was saying, "Batteries are low." Spooky.

I got the new batteries out of the box and replaced the old ones. Suddenly the voices on the radio were much clearer.

Now if could just get the mumbler that I live with to speak like he does when he talks on Zoom, I wouldn't need the hearing aides around the house.

Monday, May 4, 2020

No Nap Today

For the first time in many days I have not had to take a nap. No idea why. I've done my minimal exercises and only walked around in the house. Last night on Silent Sunday Night Movies on TCM I watched Paul Robeson in his movie debut from 1925. These old movies are so much fun to watch. I like to watch the way they dressed the sets, the fabrics they used and furniture with old "bridge lamps," radio sets or phonographs.

There were several things in this one that I particularly noticed. Someone really liked checks. The curtains were checked; the dresses and blouses were different sizes of the same type design. The cloche hats were amazing with one having a large circle on each side that appeared to have been made by tracing around a doctor's mirror that is worn on the head to direct light down a throat and attached by a small button to the hat.

And then - in the corner was a knick-knack shelf just like the one my mom and dad had and I now have in one of the bedrooms.  This one may have a few more turns on the shelf separators but very similar!
The little Amish girl on the bottom was half of a set of salt and pepper shakers that my friend gave me after she had two girls and I had two boys. She said it was the only way I'd ever get a girl! Later she got a grandson and a granddaughter and I got four granddaughters! (I think my friend may have kept the little Amish boy.)   Since I was up late watching the old movie, I expected to be very tired today. So far,  so good.

Sunday, May 3, 2020


A beautiful, warm spring day and we did go for a short ride - pick up a pizza from Ken's....our local favorite. This is the first outside food I have eaten since March.  The other person here has had a couple of burgers and fries. Oh no - not me. But today pizza sounded good.

We'll see how this does. So far Kansas is not opening restaurants for inside seating. I think they are pushing this opening up stuff too fast.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Skipped another Day

Yesterday was a trip to the clinic for a simple check-up. I had cancelled an appointment but when I made a mistake and called my pulmonologist to check on a medication he had ordered, they switched me to our newer GP. Dang! You can't fool those people.

So then they called me back and wanted me to come in. Nothing has changed so why go? But I did.

Lab work - ok. Everything - ok.  Most people at the clinic had face masks but there always a few rebels.

So we had a nice visit with one of the PA's. Our doctor has two Physician Assistants and now no nurses. They have laid off all the nurses in their area. So one week the PA I saw "helps" the other one and vice versa next week.

What a strange case we are experiencing. Is it a Chinese curse that says, "May you live in interesting times?"

Later: I looked up the Chinese curse and it is only a story started in the 1930's. No link to any Chinese origin can be found after research according to Wikipedia.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Grocery Pick-Up

We have now picked up groceries twice and had them delivered twice. I like picking them up. They are so efficient. All employees were wearing masks. They do not touch the vehicle. I open the door where we want the sacks located and then close it after they put them inside.

They had this service quite some time before the present situation. It is really a convenience. We may just do this from now on.

Nice warm day here - so someone turned on the AC. I have a blanket over my legs.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

April 29, 1952

The second most important day in my life.

The first was when my parents adopted me and gave me wonderful life. "Only child" is dirty word - phrase - but if you mean I had lots of stuff, I did. I also had lots of love, care, teaching of morals and discipline, applied with swats on the bottom. No slaps or abuse but plenty of corrections!

And now, the Other Day. The day I met Lee and had a blind date. He had a date with another girl in the dorm but she had received a letter from her boy friend and decided she didn't want to go out. (the idea of not cheating.) So she asked if I would go on this double date with another girl and her boy friend. Sure. Anything to help a friend and a sailor home on leave.

On seeing the last name on the key chain in the 1948 coupe, I thought, "What a weird last name. Never heard that one before."

We had a picnic with fried chicken made by Lee's mom. She was a good cook! We went to a place near the river where for some forgotten reason Lee went wading. It was a grand time.

Three and a half months later, we were married. And yes, our oldest son arrived as all the gossips held their breath, seven years later.

We are so blessed. We've had our good times and bad, but so blessed to never be out of work. Sixty- eight years. My mother-in-law told me they didn't come to the manse where we got married because she figured it wouldn't last and she didn't want to be a witness to the crime! By the way, she and I got along great.  She was tough but I was lucky - she liked me and I liked her. In later years she had a different opinion, but I blame that on age and mental outlook.

So celebrating today on a blind date that turned out O. K. (We appear to be a little cracked.)

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Who Knew?

I have been ordering a prescription every month for almost a year. Let's say it costs x number of dollars for one month supply. 

Yesterday I drove through the pharmacy area and picked up the pills. Instead of x dollars it was 3x dollars. I luckily had more than that in my wallet.

Shocked at why it would go up triple amount in one month, I came home and opened the sack. I had three bottles of medicine instead of one. I began figuring (and this took a lot of brain power!) and I had eight months of pills for the price of three months when buying them every thirty days.

Who knew there was a discount in volumes of pills?

Monday, April 27, 2020

Monday Could Be the Best Day

I had my grocery list. I hadn't ordered online since Easter so I was rusty on the site.

I finally got everything ordered and couldn't find the site to view my "cart." Finally I found it - after signing out and figuring I had deleted the whole thing.

The choice for delivery to our porch was two hours or five hours. I picked five. It was two minutes till 10:00. The estimate was between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm.

About forty-five minutes later the doorbell rang. Groceries were here! I could hardly believe it. We got everything we ordered in the food category.  Some Air Wyck thingy was broken accidentally so we didn't get that but we were not charged for it.

Putting it all away was almost fun. What a system! It's back to the twenties and thirties when they delivered milk to your door and groceries if you wanted the store to do that!

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Day Forty-Two

But who's counting? I am and I don't mind it a bit. As I have said earlier, we don't go very many places normally. We used to bring home a pizza once in a while but not lately.

I have heard all they have said about how to stay safe. I am still not sure how bringing carry-out food home is safe. I guess we will just do the best we can and stay home.

I may cancel another doctor appointment next week. I last saw this doctor  six months ago and as far as I can tell, nothing has changed. Next week may bring up something different but so far, so good.

I hope you are finding fun things to do at home.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Chili in April

We like chili any time of the year. So I made a batch yesterday. Lee announced it delicious. I told him to thank Mrs. McCormick. I do add some other stuff - a shot of Liquid Smoke, a couple of shakes of Worcestershire Sauce, celery, green pepper, onions and of course canned tomatoes and kidney beans.

We are so easily pleased.

Today it will be Beef Stew. And then, leftovers for a while. With soup and sandwiches in between.

I read that we should eat a 1 1/4 vegetables every day and a cup of fruit daily. We don't quite meet that requirement but we're still here and eating.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020


This morning I sat in a parking lot for forty-five minutes, watching people go in and out of a place of business. I estimate that 90% were not wearing masks. All ages - young, old and middle aged. Perhaps they don't watch television news or read the guide lines that have been published.

PEOPLE!  Please protect yourself and others. Our county has fifteen cases and several other possible patients with the virus.

I cannot believe that several states are opening tattoo parlors and gyms.

This is a serious time.

Monday, April 20, 2020


We have seventy-two degrees at 1:00p.m. I think I'll spend some time on the back porch. It is screened in and in the winter, someone puts plastic up to keep the snow off the porch. The first year we did not do that. Lots of snow. Since then we have arranged to tack up the plastic barrier. Not so much snow at all. This last fall, we didn't get it installed but there was still very little snow! 

Can you tell I am running out of things to  blog about?

Saturday, April 18, 2020


Today we had to make a trip to the drug store to get an item Lee needed for his health. We both wore masks. I stayed in the car as usual. He left the van and a middle aged woman WITHOUT a mask approached him and took his arm and helped him into the building. She even offered to wait and help him back to the car! He declined. People are very nice and thoughtful - except where was  her mask?

As he came out, another woman, slightly older than the first, approached him and offered to help. He said no, he was fine. As she passed the window on the passenger side she told me that he hadn't wanted to accept her help. She was probably a foot away from him - with his mask on.

I would probably do it, but he wouldn't; "Please back away six feet."

Don't tell me people are all complying. As I sat there, most of the older people were wearing masks but none of the teen age types were. And these two nice, helpful women who evidently don't have a clue.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Slight Snow

We also need to harvest that field of  green.


Today was a first for our house. We received a call about a possible warranty on our vehicle.(We don't answer unknown numbers so they left a message.) It had expired. I would guess so since it's a 1998 model. If we would like to speak to an agent and get a new warranty they will connect us.

Then comes on another voice advising us that all their agents were busy helping others so we could hold or leave our number and they would call us back.

So we get a call that leaves a message to put us on hold? Weird.

Got that one twice today. Each call was from a different town where we don't know anyone.

P.S. We had a slight snow this morning. I have a picture but somehow this one does not want to download.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Morning Nap?

I woke up early and watched an hour of TV. Went back to sleep without meaning to. I use a CPAP machine and I had taken it off, turned it off and was just lying there watch some news.

Well, I fell asleep about 8:00, slept through lunch and woke up at 1:15. This is not a a good plan. In fact, it was not a plan at all.

After some lunch, I'm feeling better. I guess Lee is too. If he had been really hungry, he would have fixed himself something. He used to cook a lot when I worked and we had left-overs.

So we'll see how the rest of the day goes.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Out of the House

This is the first time we have had to go anywhere for over a week. In fact, the last time I was in another building was March 15th. (I may have mentioned this before.) That was when I went into the grocery store.

Lee had a doctor's appointment. He wore a mask and at the door, they took his temperature.
He wasn't there long for a follow-up. I waited in the car. As chief cook and bottle washer and driver -
I have driven several places for him. We both wore masks today. A woman in a car parked in front of me in the lot signaled with  her mask that I could take mine off. I just smiled and left it on. Maybe she thought I didn't know that I don't need it unless I am near someone. I figure even driving down the street with it on is a message. Probably a message that they thank that woman is weird. Don't care!

I think many people aren't using them at all. They are required at the grocers now. And the clinic.

Stay safe.

Monday, April 13, 2020


Our overnight freeze can't compare with what happens "up north" but 28 F. is cold enough to damage some buds. On the roller coaster ride, we may have 64 by Wednesday.

I am so thankful that we have a grocer who can get food out to us in only a few days. Reports from Texas say a week or more for pick-up! In Washington it sounds as though you have to make an appointment. We are lucky/blessed to be in a small town.

Stay safe.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Saturday - A Day Late

The usual things go on around here. Have coffee and some kind of breakfast. Read the paper.

Have lunch. I outdid myself. I fixed tuna and noodles and scalloped cabbage. I think the second one was first made in eighth grade cooking class. Lee really likes both of those dishes.

Well, with the chopping, boiling, combining and baking, I was ready for a nap. It turned out to be almost a full night's sleep.

In other words, my night is from right after lunch till six hours later. I am not liking this and I really plan to do something about it. After this craziness, I am up half the night watching old movies on TCM.

So today after sleeping a few more hours until about 7:00 a.m., I ordered groceries online. The only other time we did this we picked them up at the store. That usually has a charge of $4.95, but Dillons (Krogers) has dropped that charge during this "stay at home time." The time we could have picked it up on Wednesday was the time of Lee's appointment with the doctor! I changed it to Home Delivery for $9.95 and it will be here this afternoon between 2:00 and 3:00. The last time I remember getting food delivered was in the 1930's when the milk man came by.

Later:  The groceries arrived at 3:45 !  What a deal! Thank you, Dillon's (Kroger's)

Friday, April 10, 2020

Odd Colors

I finished this afghan today. The colors didn't come out quite like I imagined they would. The twelve rows in the middle and the rows between the colors were supposed to be variegated. The skein looked like that type of coloring but obviously it is not. In some brands it is called "striped" but this one did not indicate either variegated or stripe.

It is washed and tomorrow I will trim the fringe. I'll never catch up with my sister-in-law!

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Warm Days Until They Aren't

Yesterday we missed our record high temperature for the date by one degree - 88. Wonderful sunshine after a long week of clouds.

Then last night the TV weather man said we are three days from rain and four days from possible snow showers.

Another usual spring around here.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Another Tool

We bought this since we moved back to Kansas. It is very handy if you have regular height ceilings and don't want to stand on a step ladder.

I used it to replace two light bulbs in the garage yesterday. A few months ago it was a bulb in a clothes closet that had gone out. I am certain bulbs do not last as long as they used to!

Thanks to whoever invented this "thing."

Monday, April 6, 2020

An Old Trivet

This was in the photo yesterday under the carrots. I was making this sixty-eight years ago this summer. Each of those circles enclose a soda pop cap. (We called it pop here in the middle of the country. I know - elsewhere it's "soda." There are Grapette and Orange Soda tops in there.

It does look like I might need to wash it. I guess I was afraid it would rust before it dried.

This was part of the stuff I was doing to use when we got married in August. Met him in April, married in August.  And they said it wouldn't last.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Shrunken Carrots

Well, there has to be a  problem somewhere - maybe with the cook. I found a recipe for air fried carrots cooked to perfection (according to the photo) in an air fryer.

When I tried, the final dish was not as photogenic as the one on the world wide web. They were shrinking half way through when I shook the basket. At the end of the time I didn't think they were quite done but I was afraid they were going to shrink away to tooth pick size.

Someone said they were rubbery. The recipe said brown sugar glazed carrots are delicious.  I guess we may stay with potatoes and Brussels sprouts.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Air Fryer

I don't use it every day but when I do, I love it.

Today I made potatoes to go with minute steaks. The hardest part for me is getting the potatoes cut into uniform sized pieces! I see those tools advertised on TV that will cut any vegetable into evenly sized pieces. That would be a good solution.

But today I lucked out! They didn't all look the same but they were all done and tasty. Tossed with a little oil and some Texas steak seasoning - they are very good. I always had trouble frying potatoes that were cut into slices like my mom did. Turning them in the skillet and getting them all cooked through was not easy for me.

These are great!

Friday, April 3, 2020

Casserole for One

Isn't this a cute little casserole?  It measure 4 3/4" across the top and 1 1/2 " deep. I don't know where the lid came from - something my mom had. But the bottom is actually part of an electrical unit. My dad was an electrician and he brought this home. On the bottom it says, "PYREX T.M. REG. U.S. PAT. OFF. MADE IN U.S.A."  Still on the bottom, near the little lip it says "LINE."

I wish I knew what service it performed. What a neat coincidence that the lid fits!

Thursday, April 2, 2020

The Substitute Cook

I've never felt creative when I cooked. I get a recipe and follow it exactly. Last week I copied one from the internet that sounded good. The ingredients all seemed to be on hand so I started it for lunch today.

First of all, I didn't write the name of the dish. I did include all the ingredients - 1/2 lb hamburger was the first one. However, There were no directions included. Do I brown it? Mix it raw with all the other stuff? Does it go in the oven as a casserole?

One cup of canned tomatoes. None in the cupboard so I squirted in some ketchup. I did have carrots, potatoes, onions and raw rice. No celery but I had part of a green pepper so that was chopped with the other veggies and added.

Oops, no beef broth! The amount of broth called for (3/4 cup) was replaced with water, added soy sauce, Worcestereshire Sauce and a couple of drops of liquid smoke. It looked like beef broth. Salt and pepper.

I decided to brown the hamburger, add the vegetables and "broth" and rice and let it cook in a skillet.

Lee loved it.  There's enough for another meal.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Dog(s) Gone

I think it was Sunday. We were taking out the trash and somehow the garage door was left open. Two small, rescued dogs hit the road chasing some cats that Someone is feeding in our garage. We cannot walk or run fast enough to chase them. So Someone started out on his battery powered chair. I got in the van and we started to search.

We came to a drive way and parking area where I could drive up to the edge and look east into a field. Lee had gotten in the van by now. I got out, leaving the car run. I wobbled up to the fence that was open in many places. No dogs in sight. Back to the car. I couldn't get the gear shift out of park!
Good grief! What else? Lee looked disgusted and started to get out and come around to the driver side. He doesn't drive any longer but I'm sure he thought his strength could make it work.

Suddenly I realized the car wasn't running. Well, heck! I had left it run on purpose. So I told him. He came back to the passenger side and climbed in. I asked him why he had turned the ignition off. He thought he heard a dog bark. It would have been nice if he had told me that.

After many trips around the neighborhood and telling three different people who were walking about the missing dogs, we headed back home. Looking straight west from our drive, I saw the three walkers and the two little untrained, mutts, rescued dogs running toward us! We waved our thanks to the unknown neighbors and got the two tired dogs into the house.

That was not a fun day. Tired and stressed out was the result of that caper.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020


This is from a blog that I read every day. Her daughter works in the health care  system and gave this to her. It does sound sensible to me. Thanks MM and I hope you don't mind me passing it on.

 I passed the test in number eleven which surprised me. I hope staying home keeps us away from being around the virus.

Doctors are reporting they now understand the behavior of the COVID 19 virus due to autopsies that they have carried out. This virus is characterized by obstructing respiratory pathways with thick mucus that solidifies and blocks the airways and lungs. So they have discovered that in order to apply a medicine you have to open and unblock these airways so that the treatment can be used to take effect however all of this takes a number of days. Their recommendations for what you can do to safeguard yourself are .
1) Drink lots of hot liquids - coffees, soups, teas, warm water. In addition take a sip of warm water every 20 minutes bc this keeps your mouth moist and washes any of the virus that’s entered your mouth into your stomach where your gastric juices will neutralize it before it can get to the lungs.

2) Gargle with an antiseptic and warm water like vinegar or salt or lemon every day if possible

3) The virus attaches itself to hair and clothes. And detergent or soap kills it but you must take bath or shower when you get in from the street. Avoid sitting down in your home and go straight to the shower. If you cannot wash your clothes daily, hang them in sunlight which also helps to neutralize the virus

4) Wash metallic surfaces very carefully because the virus can stay viable on these for up to 9 days. Take note and be vigilant about touching hand rails, door knobs, etc. and keep these clean in home. 

5) Don’t smoke

6) Wash your hands every 20 minutes with any soap that foams and do this for 20 seconds

7) Eat fruits and vegetables. Try to elevate your zinc levels.

8)Animals do not spread the virus to people. Its a person to person transmission.

9)Try to avoid getting the common flu as this already weakens your system and try to avoid eating and drinking any cold things.

10) If you feel any discomfort in your throat or a sore throat coming on, attack it immediately using the above methods. The virus enters the system through the throat but will sit in the throat for 3-4 days before it passes into your lungs.
In addition ...

11.) Experts suggest doing this simple verification every morning: Breathe in deeply and hold your breath for 10 seconds. If this can be done without coughing, without difficulty, this shows that there is no fibrosis in the lungs, indicating the absence of infection. It is recommended to do this control every morning to help detect infection.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Every Other Day

It seems like I miss every other day in the blogging world. It's not that I am busy!

Yesterday was my geburstag. I hope that is correct for the German word. I visited Germany in 1989 and had a wonderful time. Since I can remember World War II, it was so interesting to meet such wonderful people and hope that in the future times, we could become friends with the rest of our so-called enemies!  It was a long time ago!

This morning I completed our first grocery order online. We can pick up tomorrow between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. 

The curse, May you live in Interesting Times, has somehow become true.

Friday, March 27, 2020

A Joint to Notice

I never noticed how much I used my left thumb until the day a week or so ago that it popped into place instead of operating smoothly.

That stopped after about a day but now it's just noticeable when I try to pick up anything, turn on a faucet, stir a pot or handle anything. Maybe this is a way to remind me to wash my hands.

Although I have always washed my hands after handling money or shopping, using the bathroom; and before getting a meal ready!

We just take stuff for granted that it's going to work until something happens to change that thought!

We need to listen to the scientists in this present time.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

A Day for the Vet Visit

A wellness check was needed so we took one dog.  The other trip for Jack will be later.

Jill has some problems. She is over weight. When you think about it, that is our problem. She gained four pounds since January. On a small dog that is very disturbing.

So back to limited feeding. Wish us luck and success. We can do this!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

A Trip to An "Empty" Hospital

Every eight weeks I get a boost to my immune system at our local regional medical center, formerly called a hospital.

Today there are large signs: NO VISITORS.

At the door I was met by two nurses behind a table that blocks entry to the rest of the lobby. I stated why I was there, my name and answered their questions. I was given a tag to wear that said Outpatient Visitor. The nurse advised me to sit down in a chair and wait. Suddenly she said, "Oh no. You can go on up."  So I did.

The walk to the elevators was without people. There were no people in the elevators nor in the infusion area. I was the first patient of the day at 1:00 p.m.

While following the instructions, I completely forgot that I'm supposed to check in at the admitting desk. As I told the nurses at infusion, any little change in routine makes me forget  the former requirements!  I could always say, "I was just following orders."

They called admitting and told her I was there. On the way out, I signed in.

I wonder what the changes will be after the next two months.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Sunday Morning

On Sunday mornings I try to watch CBS Sunday Morning. This program lasts one and a half hours. It has interesting and uplifting stories from all over the world. I always learn something and almost every story is full of good news and good people.

I convinced my relative in a far-away state to watch yesterday. So what happened? They covered the same story we were seeing elsewhere. Maybe they felt they needed to capture an audience that usually doesn't watch cable news.

They did and I was disappointed.  Maybe next week.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Good News

There are some stories about restaurants donating food that they aren't selling to feed people who aren't working.

A restaurant in New York City had eight hundred pounds of chicken nuggets that they couldn't sell so they made some of their recipes and gave them to people who are distributing food.

One name that caught my eye was Captain Crunk Nugs which are rolled in Captain Crunch cereal.
In the long ago time of CB radio, Lee was Captain Crunch. Those were crazy times - listening to strangers on the radio.

Now we meet strangers on social media and they become friends!

Friday, March 20, 2020

New Appliance

This week I received a large box from TX. It contained an air fryer! More about the use of it later.

But! After we had opened the package, I saw a person on TV telling us how to treat a package from Amazon. The virus cannot live longer than twenty-four hours on cardboard. Therefore, leave the package/box outside for the twenty-four. Then, using plastic gloves, open it and dispose of the box.

Hmm. After we opened it, the  box sat on the dining room table for more than twenty-four hours so I guess we are o.k.

This is really not something to joke about but it is funny how we don't think about "stuff."

Stay healthy, you all.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

We Are Counted

Our census form came today with a strange twelve digit number to record when we filled out the form online. I couldn't get the first four digits to show up in the first box. Tried again and the same result. The other two boxes seemed o.k. so I moved on.

It was all very simple after that. Please count yourself!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Getting Out

I have no great desire to go anywhere. I don't get cabin fever. Someone else needed a new phone card  (!]

So off we went. He came out half an hour later with groceries! This will be the last trip for a while.

And the weatherman has changed his tune. Down from 72 to 55. Tomorrow is the 72.

Again - wanna bet?

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Lost A Day

Well, I didn't really lose a day but it felt like it. Something I like and ate must have not liked me. I guess I was lucky it was just an upset stomach. I went to bed very early and this morning feel back to normal range - whatever that is!

It's been in the 40's and cloudy for several days. We needed the few showers we've had and more are expected this week. The weatherman has lost his mind - they say we'll have 72 for a high tomorrow.

Wanna bet?

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Hidden Bills

On the large box we received last week that contained the visor attachment there was no address. I thought that was odd but it had come to the right place. I wondered when they would bill us.

Later after I was getting ready to toss the box into the recycle poly cart, I remembered that the recycle company's instructions say to flatten the box. That makes sense. Less room taken up in the cart and later in the truck.

I put the box on the table and turned it over ready to cut the clear tape with some scissors. There was an envelop with the address and inside it was the bill.  It seemed to be attached with Gorilla Glue.

I am glad I didn't throw the whole thing away.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Common Sense

I guess I need to explain. Being smart does not relate to common sense.

Yesterday I was in the computer room, checking our emails and the interweb.  I heard no strange noise, but when I left the room to get some coffee, I saw garbage scattered from the hall, through the dining room and into the living room.

Someone had insisted that I NOT take our the trash. He would do it. So I parked it on top of the dryer. Later, Someone put it on the floor by the back door. Jill, the incorrigible, evidently did not care for that location so she dragged the white plastic bag into the living room and proceeded to unload it.  Jack was right there with her. So why do I blame Jill? She is larger and stronger. However, Jack can be sneaky when it comes  to food so I guess they both may be guilty.

What a mess to clean up. It's all in a clean, unchewed bag now.

Common sense says, take out the trash. Someone suggested setting it out in the garage. So what could possibly go wrong there? The cats would have had a second course.

Friday, March 13, 2020

My Husband is Very Smart

I've always known that Lee is very intelligent. When he was in the Navy, a superior officer wanted him to apply for officer training school. He knew he didn't want a career in the military - let alone be an officer.

In his job, he was encouraged to go to upper positions but he knew he didn't want to live in a large metropolitan area. He had lived in Chicago as a child and I think he remembered that experience. So we were, and are, content in a smallish town. Once a year it pretends it is Smallville, home of Superman. There are many similarities to the description given in the story.

But back to being a smart husband. He looked at the yellow tinted sun visor that I mentioned yesterday. We had installed it correctly according to the instructions. He decided if we reversed the position, it would be perfect - and it is! The only hitch is we cannot use the filter for night driving. We don't drive at night but if we have to in some unforeseen event, we can reverse it and add a couple of boat cushions to the driver's seat.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Raise the Seat!

 I have always thought one of those clear visors that are advertised on TV would be a good thing. When I come out of the "dark" house, the sun seems very bright and that would cut the glare. The separate unit for night driving would be useless. We don't go out at night.

So I saw an ad for one and ordered it. After we put it on the visor and flipped the yellow part down, I needed about six inches added to the height of my seat in the van. The picture on the right showing a truck approaching, is about where ours is blocking the sun - not in my line of sight. I guess if I look up, the sky will be not a glare.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Real iD

I made it to the driver's license office. I had everything I needed.  Social Security card, old driver's license (still good), birth certificate from the hospital, two utility bills.

Nothing was sufficient except the Social Security card and the non-expired driver's license.

The utility bills have Lee's name.

The hospital birth certificate is no good - not issued by the state.

No marriage certificate issued by the state.  I was bummed out. I'll forget the real iD and just get the regular license. She said I could get those things easily by going to the bank and get a statement and going to the third floor of the court house and they will give you a free copy of your marriage certificate. Call the state office in Topeka and they will send you a birth certificate for $20.00.

This lovely and stained document is not good for legal purposes - only for memories!  Who knew?

So I've called Topeka. On another day I'll go to the court house. Some younger persons don't know that about two errands a day are all us oldsters can manage because this afternoon I also went to the clinic to be led around by an oxygen tube and a nice technician to measure my breathing. Verification for O 2.

Now I'll rest till supper time!

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Finding Old Stuff

I was looking for some papers today and naturally found other things I wanted to read.  One was a long quote from a book by Susan Jacoby called Never Say Die.

She was musing about what a person cannot do if they want to be considered aging successfully. (Who judges whether a person is aging successfully? Are there still gossiping old women who do that sort of thing?) "A person cannot complain about health problems to anyone younger; weep openly for a friend or lover who has been dead more than a month or two, admit to depression or loneliness; express nostalgia for the  past; or voice any fear of future dependency because of poor health, poor finances or the worst scourge of old age, Alzheimer's disease. American society also looks with suspicion on old people who demand to be left alone to deal with aging in their own way. One must look neither too needy for companionship nor too content with solitude to be considered a roll model for healthy aging rather than a discontented geezer or crone. It's great  to be old -as long as one does not manifest too many of the typical problems of advanced age."

Well! I can't imagine anyone telling me how to live my life now. I really don't care if American Society thinks I'm aging successfully! I try to do the best I can and fail several times a day.  I respect Ms. Jacoby's right to her opinion but my sister-in-law and I talk every day by Skype and we don't judge others who are aging - well almost never.

Besides, what would we have to talk about if we didn't share our daily happenings and struggle. We are more interested in our boring lives than other people's business!

Monday, March 9, 2020

Early Traffic

We got up early to be at the driver license office at 8:00. Who knew our little town (40,000) had so many people going to work so early? That was more traffic than I have seen for twenty years. Of course, I haven't been out on the streets at that hour in twenty years. Once or twice I have gone to the doughnut shop at 5:00 a.m. but that is without traffic!

We got there too late. All the parking spots were taken and many people were waiting for the doors to open.

I think I'll try again this afternoon.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Peanut Supply

It seems the squirrels were out of peanuts. So we had a trip to the farm store. Let's just say that some cashiers do not count back change and hand it to you in a wad of bills with the coins on top. From now on, I will count my change myself! It was so confusing to only have $20 bills for a $27.04 purchase. (Yes, peanuts are expensive.)

We came out with the right amount, even on the receipt. Except I got more coins back that six cents.

The weather is warm but WINDY.

I, naturally, had to come home and nap after lunch. When I woke up it was 4:44 and I wasn't sure if it was AM or PM. Since it was still light outside, I decided it was afternoon.

Nope. Daylight Saving Time doesn't affect me at all. Same as every other day when I stay up late.

Saturday, March 7, 2020


Since it was warm, we drove to the gas station to fill the van. It's a good thing we don't drive much.
Less that half a tank was $27.00.

The wind has started to blow from the south so we are in a fire danger.

Friday, March 6, 2020

No Excitement Here

Another day with no errands. We just stayed home even though was nice outside - fifty-nine degrees.

I heard an order for meatloaf a few days go so I got that done. For the first time in how many years, I made macaroni and cheese from a recipe. Usually I buy the stuff from the store. I guess this was better but not by much. I halved the recipe and we will have it for several days.

We don't mind leftovers.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

The Christmas Tree Adventure

Last night at 10:30 Lee told me that he thought one of the stray/feral cats living in our garage had gotten into the box with the small Christmas tree.

Luckily it wasn't too cold out there. Out we went with a flash light. I could hear no scratching (but I do have a hearing loss.)  He couldn't hear anything then but he had earlier.

Tip the box half way over. Pull out the tree. Pull out the base. Nothing in there but ornaments plus there were several on the garage floor where they dropped when he pulled the tree out.

We set the box upright and I folded the flaps over it and put a small cooler on top.

That should be good until they get into something else (or not) that we need to investigate.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Slow Mail

A week ago today I sent a puffy envelope to New Jersey. I couldn't believe it didn't arrive by Monday. Well, it finally got to the east coast today with Postage Due stamped on the envelope.

I thought the postman collected postage due amounts at the door. Not in this case. And the amount due was not stamped on the envelope. Maybe the incorrect number of stamps (one) slowed the progress. I guess we'll never know. Maybe one of us will get a bill in the mail for another fifty cents due.

Strange government ways . . .

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

One Down; Three to Go

I saw the dermatologist today. No problems. The last time I was supposed to go in September, the car failed to start. Some plastic hose had slipped off the transmission (?)

Now two more for me and one for Lee.

Such excitement when the only place you go is to the clinic. Oh. And the grocery store.

Beautiful warm day. Middle  60's all week if they are right. So sad about the storm in Tennessee. We heard the sirens blow today for threatening weather and a big red banner on all the tv channels telling us it was a test. That is the only thing I dislike about spring. . . weather watches.

Monday, March 2, 2020


Sunday was a slow day. I am sleeping too much. No naps but I went to bed very early - before the evening meal - and slept right through till this morning. I am glad Lee can find something to eat on his own. He used to cook a lot when I worked (outside the home, that is.)

Today's weather forecast shows the temperature for the coming week as every day being in the sixties.

I'll take that!

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Something Different

I bought some apples a while back. We didn't eat all of them. Today I decided to peel and fry the rest.

I had them for lunch. Mr. N. didn't care to even try a taste.

They were good.

Friday, February 28, 2020


I never imagined going to a Vape Shop. But when the place that specializes in CBD oil is closed for remodeling, the sign on the door said, "Go to Yogi's."  

My question was, where and what is Yogi's?  So I looked on my phone which has taken the place of the phone book, and there it was. Two doors down. (That information would have been helpful on the note on the door of the original shop!)

Sure enough. There it was so I went around the parking lot and pulled in right in front. Inside there were no people but soon a young man came through a door and asked if he could help me. He had the CBD cream and the drops to put under your tongue. The latter is for pain all over the body.

So  bought the combination. Lee tried it on a painful sole of his heel last night and it worked! I think I read somewhere that all those rub on salves depend on the rubbing more than the ingredients. Well, so be it! If it relieves local pain, we'll use it. Even if it's all in the mind!

Oh. I don't remember if I mentioned that it helped the side of my knee two nights ago.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Finally Found It

This is a picture of the sheet music for the 1920's song, Mary Lou.  I spent way too long looking for it on the computer. (It was on my phone!)

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Another Dr. Appointment!

The phone system at our doctor's clinic was out of order. It proceeded long enough to keep telling me to stay online. After almost twenty-five minutes, I gave up. (Slow learner.)

When I tried later, it was repaired. The nice folks worked us in. Be there in an hour and fifteen minutes!  We did and the problem with the RX was resolved.

Now one more tomorrow for each of us. Not fun but the employees are very kind. Haven't found a bad one in the bunch!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Kee rect!!!

The forecast for today said snow at noon. About eleven o'clock small crystals were falling and by noon it was snow.  It didn't last long though and the radar shows we are about out of the precipitation area.

Lee had a doctor's appointment. We are going to try something new....CBD oil for pain. It seems it's legal here! Plus some cream to rub on wrists or any other body part that is hurting. I'll report later on the results! I sure hope it helps him.

Monday, February 24, 2020


My sister-in-law and I were talking bout the new names that folks are choosing for their children now.

We both have very traditional names in our families. Fine.  My husband is a "junior." He made it very plain before our first son was born that he didn't want any "thirds" running around. Our last name is unusual so I wanted easy names for the boys.... Michael and Paul. I know that others may want their child to stand out in a crowd because of an unusual moniker.

The first name that I remember as being strange was Elijah Blue (Sher's son.) Many names are from the ethnicity of the parent - African American or Slavic or Greek. Many movie stars choose names that are out of the ordinary.

In yesterday's paper they listed new babies. This is not as common as it used to be and is not included every day.  The three I saw published were unusual. I'd love to hear what others think of these three.

Laken Rayne V.

Elijah Wolfe-Sage H.

Sawyer Timber B.

The last one makes me smile every time I see it.

 My folks had the right idea. Let me choose my own name and then I could never blame them if I didn't like it. I was adopted at five months old. Later they placed me on the floor with several pieces of paper around me with Lou Ann, JoAnn and Mary Lou. There may have been others but I guess if Mom told me, I have forgotten the rest.

So I chose Mary Lou. Oddly, there was a popular song at that time with the same name.


 I finally remembered the name of the man who had four children with unusual names - Frank Zappa!  Moon Unit and Diva were the girls; Dweezil and Ahmet were the boys. He gave his wife a choice of Moon or Motorhead. She chose moon. Diva was a loud baby.  This is all found on Google.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Nearing the End of the Afghan

I have about three inches more to work before the latest afghan reaches five feet long. Usually I don't make them that long. The are not lap robes but they aren't long enough to cover your head and feet at the same time. This one will be an exception.

Someone in New Jersey makes super size ones that cover a whole mattress on a regular sized bed!

Now that's an afghan!

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Caucus, Anyone?

I have spent several time segments today watching the Nevada coverage. I can't stay with it too long.

Why does it not make any sense to me?  Voting in our state meant going to the school and voting in November after a spring primary.

If someone can explain what the purpose of all this "caucusing" is for, I would gladly listen.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Income Tax Day

This is the day we picked up our tax forms from the nice people who prepare them for us.

I told Lee that I was so glad we didn't have to pay.  He said, "Oh, we paid!"  He's right - our fair share, according to the tax laws.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Same Woman?

This was a dear friend of my mom. I love the first one. It was  probably taken in the 1920's. I also love the decorated cardboard frame. She lived in Texas. Is that a Saguaro cactus on the left? I was thinking they were only in Arizona. (Google says Saguaro cacti only grow in the Sonoran desert of southern Arizona and western Sonora, Mexico, with a few stray saguaros in California. The saguaro cactus does not grow in Texas. It is a common misconception that the saguaro grows throughout the west.Mar 29, 2019)

In the "Lady with a mop" photo, she is shown cleaning up after some kind of gas stove exploded. I hope the gas was turned off because of the cigarette. You can tell they had fun - but what is the deal with the gun propped against the wall?

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Trip Out

The title sounds like something from the sixties. All I meant was, a journey to the store which means I left the house!

I grabbed my bunch of bags from the back of the van! Usually I leave them at home but thinking ahead, I had placed several in the car. I went for only a few items and before 8:30 is the time to go! I could stop and look without blocking anyone's path. I bought more than I planned but they are saying (and not saying) we may (or may not) get a little snow.

It was amazing that what I bought filled up the five bags I grabbed! I did see a funny thing on the internet about not using plastic bags to carry out purchases when everything we buy is shrink- wrapped, on a plastic tray or in a plastic bottle. We do recycle but the grocery bags are not recyclable here.  I use them for garbage.

We'll wait for the next forecast to see if they are right (or wrong.)

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

A Chance at a Prize?

For the second time in a week I have received a letter from Publisher's Clearing House. In the first one they encouraged me to enter. "Not necessary to buy anything to win," but they suggest that surely you will find something you'd like in the dozens of offers.

Well, we did! Lee has been  wanting one of the see through visors to cut down glare both during the day and at night. Since we don't go anywhere at night, we'll get to cut the glare from only the sun.

Today I get another fat envelop from the same company with many more offers and the news that in order not to lose my winning number, I need to buy something. In the first place they didn't have my name spelled correctly. On the first letter everything was correct.

I think with a wrong letter and an extra L in my last name - plus the wrong street address,  it might be hard to claim the BIG prize.

So even though my chance is 1 in 6,000,000,000, I guess I'll just let my winning number be lost.

Is that six trillion?                    

Monday, February 17, 2020

President Washington

Last night I watched the History Channel's production of the story of George Washington. I realized how ignorant I am about his life and the history of the French and Indian War.

If we read about this in school, it didn't register with me.

All the details about his early life were a surprise. Hope you got to watch it too!

It was repeated Monday evening with Episode 2 following at 8:00 p.m.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

An Interesting Saturday

Got up. Turned on the computer. Would not boot!

I was afraid my machine had "bit the dust." After talking to older son and trying a few things, we gave up.

Maybe I could go a day without reading the blogs I follow, or avoid looking up stuff on the internet that I wonder about. Or most importantly, Skyping with New Jersey!  About mid morning, I  found the iPad that M and M gave to me! The battery was empty, of course. I plugged it in and it slowly charged the rest of the day.

I used the invention, called the telephone, to let my sister-in-law know what was happening.

After supper, I texted with the younger son. He suggested the same thing that we had tried this morning with the exception of holding the on/off button for a longer time. It slowly booted and came back to life.

I hope it will be well now and not make me think it is ill and headed for "kaput."

Thursday, February 13, 2020


Today it was 8 degrees when I woke up at 5:00 a.m. I think it finally made it up to 17. I have not been outside except to grab the newspaper off the porch.

I did not plan to walk to the curb to get the mail. There are still some slick spots on the driveway and Someone didn't think I  would be able to avoid them so he suggested I not try to put a letter out. About 11:00 the doorbell rang. This is such a rare occasion that the dogs were in shock. I grabbed my letter and went to the door. Sure enough! It was our mailman. He had an envelope that was too big for our rural mailbox.

I gave him my outgoing mail and thanked him for the delivery to the door!

It was from the VFW.  Three bags for getting groceries or toting stuff! Very colorful and sturdy.  Very pleased with them.

Oh yes.  They were not free. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Remembering Mr. Lincoln

Today, February 12th, is Abraham Lincoln's birthday. Of course, it is now combined with George Washington's birthday and is a federal holiday on the third Monday in February. . . mainly to give folks a three day week-end.  

Boo. Hiss. I liked a separate day for each guy.

The statue is in our downtown with President Lincoln at the top. Around the four corners of the base are statues of four service men from the Civil War.

The two cannons are actual cannons from that period. After the city fathers found they were historical items and not reproductions, they anchored them to the concrete with some heavy chains. Better late than never.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Some days going to buy bird seed, cat food and dog food is a chore I would like to avoid when it's cold.  I should be happy there is no snow or ice! I am thinking, why are we feeding the birds and the cats when if we let nature take its course, the cats would eat the birds and we wouldn't have to get food for anyone but us and the dogs.

I am kidding. Lee likes feeding them but it sure does make a sort of mess.

Then back home to make lunch and do the dishes. That should not be enough to wear me out, but today it did. I'll sit a crochet and see if I can get more rows done than my sister-in-law!

Sunday, February 9, 2020


The weather man said the wind was going to blow after 10:00 a.m.. He was right. We went to get gas for the van and forty-one degrees feels much colder with a strong north wind.

We got that accomplished and stocked up on groceries. I hope that the only other times we have to get out are the trips to the doctors. Wednesday they are showing snow but a high of forty-four. Melting on contact?

We pay attention to the weather in the winter. So far hardly any snow has appeared. I think we need moisture but I prefer rain.

Lots of crocheting going on - here and in New Jersey!

Friday, February 7, 2020

February 7, 1904

This is my mom's 116th birthday. This is the photo they had taken for their thirty-fifth wedding anniversary in 1963. 

I miss her and can't believe it's fifty-six years. I got the call to come to the hospital the morning of October 31st (Hallowe'en.)  I wasn't at home to get the second call from the school that our older son was sick at school. The released him to WALK home. He got as far as my friend's house which happened to be on the way to ours. She was next on the list if they couldn't reach me. She started out her front door and there was this five year old boy, on his way home from Kindergarten, sitting on the curbing  in front of her house; feeling too bad to go on home.

As I look back on this, it is amazing that the school just "turned him loose." We were so concerned about him being ill and put into the hospital that the shock of my mom's death was sort of unreal. It was an unexpected heart attack.

Our son was in the hospital overnight with nothing more than a temperature. It was quite a coincidence that both things happened about 10:30 a.m. Mom and Mike were really close. (He was the first grandchild for two years and then she was just as close to his younger brother two years later.)

Sometimes things just happen and we can look back and wonder why.

Thursday, February 6, 2020


Today was the first of five doctor appointments for February.  We usually don't have this many in one month.

I went to a place called Infection Control. It would be good news if they could control all infections but at least they are trying. This one is only twice a year so when they told me the next one is in August, I picked a morning time.  The Kansas heat, you know.

Now I have one more three weeks from today and Lee has three more. Leap year! But this is  too many trips to the clinic in the short month with the extra day!

Wednesday, February 5, 2020


Yes, it's cold. So far we have missed any moisture from this latest storm.

I got my hair cut early by checking in on line with a waiting time of twenty-two minutes. After waiting a few minutes, I drove to the shop and was first one listed on the display. Yay! No waiting. They have improved their website and it was much easier to check in - five minutes after the place opened.

Then our trip to the grocery store. I can't get Lee to go in and ride one of their electric scooters so he waits in the car and marvels at the people who go out in 24 degree weather in their t-shirts.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

A Remembered Quote from the 1930's

“I Am Not a Member of Any Organized Party — I Am a Democrat”

Will Rogers, famous Oklahoman, wit and rope twirler.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Record Highs

Yesterday the weather gave us a record high for February 2nd. It was 79 degrees here.

Later in the day there were several records broken in the land of football. KANSAS City Chiefs won the super bowl for the first time in fifty years. Andy Reid won his 222 game on 2/2/2020. In his second season in pro football, Patrick Mahomes won MVP.

We know Kansas is a confusing place. We have a river that the rest of the country calls the "Arkansaw."  Here it is known as the ArKANSAS River. Then the city of Kansas City straddles another river with half the town in Missouri, where the Chiefs play and half the town is in Kanas.
We are mostly flat but have some rolling Flint Hills in the east and some hills in the west on the way to the Rocky Mountains. Mostly it's quiet and not densely populated. There are some drawbacks such as taking fifteen years to catch up with the rest of the country on alcohol consumption. We were so dry that if your flight was over Kansas, no alcohol could be served until you got over and away from our borders. I guess that lets you know how high state laws go around here.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

What It Was, Was Football

Anybody who is an Andy Griffith fan might remember an album he put out in the early 1950's describing different events as viewed by an innocent Southern boy. He describes the game as those guys running  in to one another and as soon as one was knocked down, they carried him off and sent in another one.

And that's what it was today. Football. I was greatly unimpressed by our team in the first quarter. But, they came through in the end.

This is how it went at our house: We both sat propped up in bed, watching the game. In the middle of thefourth quarter, Lee accidentally hit the rewind, repeat, back-up or whatever it's called on the remote. (I do not like this feature.) The Chiefs had had the ball and suddenly the  Forty Niners were in possession! What happened?. Suddenly I realized this looked very familiar. We were in the "delay" frame!

I got out of bed and went into the computer room where the tv was in the right mode. I watched the  game to the end. Back to the bedroom where Lee was so unexcited by the game that he was asleep. I woke him up and told him, "You have to watch this." So I got to see it again and he got to see it.

I guess that rewind feature could be an asset in some cases.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Surprise Supper

The day I went to infusion, I decided to surprise Lee with a carry-out for supper. I ordered a small "The Works" from a locally owned pizza shop along with a mini "Greek" for me and picked them up on the way home.

He was surprised and probably glad that he didn't have to eat leftovers!

Friday, January 31, 2020

Hearing Issues

I know I have some hearing loss. I should go and get it checked out. High tones and phones ringing on television shows are not heard! I have some hearing aids but when I tried wearing them non-stop, I felt dizzy and the crinkling of paper and the water out of the faucet were very LOUD.

So yesterday when I was walking across the hospital parking lot, (with no aids) I was walking behind the parked cars next to our van. Suddenly the car that I was approaching to walk behind, began to  back out. I heard no motor. I side-stepped and walked around the front of the car. I don't think she ever saw me.

I wonder if it was one of those electric cars? Or maybe my hearing is worse than I thought.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

IV Day

Eight weeks goes by quickly. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was at the hospital getting a treatment that the doctor has ordered. Yesterday was that actual appointment but we had had a little freezing rain and then an inch of snow. I decided to hold off a day and they were very nice to agree.

As it worked out, the snow was gone by noon. Snow I can drive on but ice - not so much.

They are so pleasant at infusion. They offer warm blankets, hot coffee or cold water.

Nurses are just the best people!

Monday, January 27, 2020

An Errand and a Mix-up

Today we needed to get a battery for the garage door opener. Instead of parking in the alley at the back door of the hardware store, we parked in front because the batteries are near the front door and the cashier is there. We pulled up in front of the Ace Hardware. There was a sign. Use the back door cashier because the cash register in front is out of order.

So, I backed out and drove to the alley where we usually ALWAYS park. I went in and walked to the front of the store. No one was there and I could find no batteries. As I was returning to the back, a clerk asked if she could help me find something. I said yes, this round flat battery, #2032. They are now at the back of the store where I had originally entered, near the cashier. She said they had moved them recently!

I guess that was my exercise for the day.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Soup's On!

That is how my mom used to tell my dad and me that supper was ready. Yes, we call it supper our here in the middle of the country - except for those that have been influenced by the coasts.

This shows that at 7:20 a.m. the crockpot was full of roast, carrots and onions. No soup today.