Thursday, May 31, 2018

Disposable Drugs

You know how they say never to flush old pills? From time to time there are "Bring your unused RX and we'll dispose them" days at random locations.

Today I had some to get rid of so I took them to my local pharmacy. She said, just put them right over there. "Over there" was a large, blue metal container that reminded me of a street mail box, complete with pull down door. I said, "I never noticed that before." She replied, "We just got it."
My brilliant answer was, "I guess I'm not as unobservant as I thought," and threw my pills in the slot!

It's very warm for May -  again. This afternoon I rested until time for my favorite program (?) and slept right through it and for the next four hours. So no long discussion of the program with my favorite sister-in-law.

I hope I'm not up too late tonight.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


The local radio talk show was on today. Once a week the locals can call in and express themselves.
I don't know why I listen. Occasionally there is a question about a local matter and that is informative. Most of the rest of the time is spent on politics.

We had two separate errands - weed eater twine (?)  I'm not sure what it is actually called. And a trip for dog bones. The OTC product has helped. Too bad I didn't try it four weeks ago. Still have a way to go to be clear of this stuff. I don't think it's allergies.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Graduation Time and the Prom Dress

In 1949 this was a powder blue gown with white embossed flowers on it. I thought it was very cool.

I love how Mom got the tree centered.  I even had hair!

Monday, May 28, 2018


Yesterday was another day of not much going on. We did run one errand in the 84 degree heat. There was a breeze so it was pretty refreshing. Later in the day it got MUCH warmer.

Trying to rest, I went to bed about  6:30 and slept until midnight when the dog who is a pest started barking. Just one little bark so I figured the doggy door was in place and she couldn't get out. Nope. She was just making noise. Back to bed and she decided to go outside and let the neighbors know she was awake. Back to the door, rattling the cannister lid with the treats was the next step. You can call her forever but she answers to metal on metal if it's the treat can.

I slept some more after that until about 5:00. I think maybe the rest is helping. I am contemplating buying something OTC for mucous.  If this takes a month to get over, my month is almost up.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Another Hot One

We just stayed in except Lee went out to get the mail. Speaking of mail, I mailed a card to New Jersey on Tuesday. I imagined a delivery date of Thursday. Would you believe it didn't arrive until today - Saturday! It was a birthday card with the notation in the upper right hand corner of the envelope: More postage may be required. . .or something like that. So I put three stamps on it. Maybe that slowed it down.

Anyway, it got there on the date of my sister-in-law's birthday. She is ten years younger than I and we try to Skype every day. Lately we get cut off after about three or four minutes. We keep trying until we get our day's events discussed. It beats the telephone, even if we do get disconnected. We can't possibly complain because it's free!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Another Rx

A trip to the pharmacy today to pick up a prescription for each of us. In the bag was an extra one for me that I did not order. It was dated yesterday and was from our physician.

I have not talked to the nurse or the doctor's office since May 14th.  Why they ordered this, I do not know.  So far every antibiotic I have tried has made me sick. I do not intend to try something I had no knowledge was being ordered! The clerk told me to bring it back.

Very weird.

Thursday, May 24, 2018


Another hot day. The weather folks say we may break a record Sunday with a high of 96. Can hardly wait for August.

Thank goodness for A/C.

And thanks for the kind messages. I am feeling much better today. Sleeping seems to help - naps are sometimes a good thing.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


We went to the clinic for an appointment for Lee. After BLTs for lunch, I rested and played on the computer.

Maybe I need some Hadacol. Remember those ads? I think it had a high alcoholic content but it was supposed to give a person energy.

I had to google it to be sure I remembered the name correctly

"Hadacol was a patent medicine marketed as a vitamin supplement. Its principal attraction, however, was that it contained 12 percent alcohol (listed on the tonic bottle's label as a "preservative"), which made it quite popular in the dry counties of the southern United States."

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Not much going on here. Napped from 3:00 till 8:30. I need to get over this stuff.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Monday - All Day

 A rather long day of doing not much of anything except checking Facebook for funny stories or beautiful photos of Germany. I have been there once in 1989. That was a great trip with my daughter-in-law and her mother. They were both born there but came to the U.S. when the daughter was a baby.

I enjoy seeing all the photos put up by a site that has all things German.

Besides resting and making myself some home made soup, I have concentrated on drinking water.

I'm actually not coughing - unless I talk. It's been very quiet around here today.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Short Trip to ER

Last night rattles became worse. Slight panic set in.

We went to hospital ER - the last place I wanted to see on a Friday night at 10:30. I expected a full waiting room of sick or injured persons. One young man standing, using his cell phone.

Ushered right in. Nothing is wrong with me - except I'm full of phlegm (my diagnosis, not theirs.)

Instructions: Use honey to suppress the cough. If I get worse, come back. See my doctor in 2 to 3 days. (Been trying to see him for a week and a half.) Mention that you've been to hospital ER and that might give you some pull.

Nice personnel but no answers.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Random Thoughts

Could the cable news networks tell their hosts to ask shorter questions and then let the guests answer?

It seems the questioners like their air time but I would like to hear the answers. When the guests are interrupted, that seems very rude. Hosts seem to want to get on to the next question!

Perhaps I watch too much cable news. That could be the solution! Stop watching.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

First Son and His First Daughter

I love this picture of our older son and his older daughter. In case you can't tell, it was taken at a lovely hole in the wall café in McKinney, Texas, in 2005.

I need more photos from the other son and daughters. However, he is not on facebook so I am not sure he would approve. Life is different now!

Love all my family to pieces!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Mark up Another Eight Weeks

This is the date to get my IV for boosting my immunity.  Two months ago it may not have worked as well as it could have.

The nurses in infusion are so nice, friendly and efficient. That makes the trip more enjoyable. Today she only had to stab me twice. It's not her fault. Small veins and they roll. The record was five tries. I had gauze and coban all over my arms.

I try to grab a chair with a tv so I don't miss the show my sister-in-law and I watch and then cuss and discuss. I think we watch it so we can feel more normal.

Nice day today - in the 80's.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

What a Wimp

I can now speak without coughing. I have recovered from being sick (I mean Sick) from the Rx they gave me. I cannot take antibiotics by mouth. Don't even try giving them to me.

I think it was a severe cold. No fever. Just miserable.

I am not a good patient. And not patient in waiting for it to be over.

We are having a nice cool day after several near 90 days. I wonder what August will be like.

The repair man came today and fixed our wall. A very nice young contractor and he accepted our offer of a printer. He also got the history - seldom used, dried up ink.

Now to get back to crocheting.

Oh yes, and thanks for the well wishes from fellow bloggers and friends.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Attacked by Some Kind of Bug

Been in bed all day.

Being sick is not fun.

Hoping for a better tomorrow

Thursday, May 10, 2018


Sore throat developed into something more complicated. Not sure just what it is but I have slept some today and not feeling so good.

Hope for fast recovery.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Mom and Dad

A little early for Mother's Day but nothing else is going on here. (It's 88 and somebody has the A/C turned on.)

This photo was taken for my mom and dad's 35th anniversary. They were sixty-five and fifty-nine in this picture in 1963. My dad was an electrician for Kansas Power and Light and my mom was a registered nurse. She took her training in Halstead, KS, where Dr. Hertzler, the "Horse and Buggy Doctor" started a hospital. He wrote a book called by that name. Mom graduated from training in 1923 at age nineteen! When they adopted me in 1931, she quit nursing. When WWII happened, there was a nursing shortage - along with many other things that were scarce. The hospital wanted her to come to work and she said she had ten year old daughter. Their reply was, "She's old enough to take care of herself." We worked it out with a neighbor to keep an eye on me and she did go back and worked until 1948.

How she managed to do that with very little help from her only daughter was amazing. Dad helped a lot but they didn't expect enough from me. I regret that I didn't do more than keep my room clean and do dishes.

She was a great mom and my dad was quiet and loving. He could be strict - they both were. I had to "mind" and people think that ONLY children get away with stuff. It wasn't that way at our house. I'll admit I had toys but so did my friends.

I had a great home life. There was no violence, no arguing and lots of love. Disagreements, sure, but so minor.

Who could ask for a better childhood?

Mom died at age sixty. . .way too soon. Dad made it to eighty-three. I miss them.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Heat in May

I believe it was in the upper eighties again today. Some days are expected to be ninety this week.

Seems a little warm for May.

Wasn't there a song or Broadway show with that title?

We stayed home today with no trips to the store. What a relief!

p.s.  Google helped me find this from Wikapedia:

Very Warm for May is a musical composed by Jerome Kern, with a libretto by Oscar Hammerstein II. It was the team's final score for Broadway, following their hits Show Boat, ... It received mixed reviews, with the New York World-Telegram calling the show "Gay and delightful" and finding the songs to be "the most charming ...

Monday, May 7, 2018

Hole in the Wall

This is the damage when the man of the house lost his balance and crashed into the wall.
Thank goodness he was not hurt.

We got an estimate today on repairing and were surprised it will be less that $200. We were very impressed with the contractor. When the person who recommended him said the word, contractor, all I could see were dollar signs.

Sometimes it's nice to be wrong.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

4:40 A.M.

What you do not want to hear at 4:40 a.m. - the dog is barking.

That's what I heard. So, out of bed, down the hall, grab the treat canister, and clang the lid to the can.

This usually brings Jill running in.  Not this time. I opened the sliding door so she could hear the noise. Finally she made it. I gave her a treat, put the doggy door in place and went back to bed.
She preceded me down the hall and took her place on the same bed.

A few minutes later she jumped down and left. This means she is going to lie down in the hall or near the dog exit. I could not believe it when I heard her bark again - loudly at first and then farther and farther away. She had gone out the sliding door which I forgot to CLOSE.

Some days get off to a better start than others.

Saturday, May 5, 2018


 A trip out past the airport to see the "fly-in." The parking lot was full and additional parking was on the grass. We drove on by and saw no military planes.

Next to the feed store to buy shelled peanuts. Ten pounds weighs more and costs more than I had imagined. Carrying ten pounds tends to throw one off balance. I should have tried balancing it on my head for better navigating. I hope no one in the area thought I had been drinking. I had; but only coffee.

Next to the pet store for dog food. I'll swear. The animals eat almost better than we do.

And then to the huge market place. For the first time, ever, there were no carts OR baskets. I trudged on with two boxes of dog bones with a coupon, a pound of hamburger, an onion and as a last straw, the free bag of Doritos.

Luckily nothing was dropped except the onion. It fell onto the box holding the Doritos. We made it out fine.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Friday - At Last

I would say this has been a long week but that's not exactly true. Some not so funny things happened that made it seem long but actually the weeks seem to fly by.

The dish washer soap dispenser failed to open and release the soap so the dishes weren't clean.
(I haven't tried the pods.)

The televisions have had freezing interruptions and loss of sound. Very irritating when I'm trying to follow a conversation - or Jeopardy!

And then last night at midnight I am sleeping. I hear my name called. Lee has fallen in the bedroom. He's not hurt. He's weak and cannot get up. We tried a dining room chair, a step ladder and finally a foot stool. He was able to use that. I was about to call 911 but we didn't need an ambulance. I am going to check and see if they have a number for "public assist." I use to see that on the police blotter in the newspaper about ten years ago. They don't publish that or fire calls or ambulance calls any longer.
On Sunday there is a crime page listing bankruptcies, domestic problems, theft etc.

Old age ain't for sissies.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Thursday and No Excitement

This morning I made another loaf of beer bread and a meat loaf for lunch. ( We also had side dishes!)

A trip to the grocery store and another errand wore me out.

My goodness. Where's the Geritol?

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

More Alert

Yesterday afternoon we received a phone call from an unknown number. We don't answer feeling that if it's important, they will leave a message.

It was and they did.

From the company that distributed the dried beef, a notice about the recall. Very nice!

We are under a thunderstorm/highwind/tornado watch so that is all for now.  4:43 p.m.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


I suggest we all look at our grocery receipts. Today I bought just what I needed, no sauntering up and down the aisles looking for new stuff. One of the items on my list was dried beef. We had some a few weeks ago so I knew exactly where the product was located. The shelf was empty and a small sign said, "Temporarily out." Ok.

After we were home, I checked to see if the few coupons I had were applied. Yes, they were! It's so neat to choose an item you want and find it online with a discount. Add it to your list and it is automatically discounted when you buy it using your Dillon/Kroger card.

So today, looking at the receipt, I saw RECALL NOTICE at the bottom. Wow. It was the dried beef we were eating last week in the well known recipe "Sh&* on a Shingle" as it was known in the military. Although we had not any illness from eating it, I went to the fridge and threw out what was left in the container.

So, even though Big Brother of the Grocery store knows what you buy, what you use coupons for and offers you specials on those things, they will also warn you. One good thing about a big brother!