Thursday, May 31, 2018

Disposable Drugs

You know how they say never to flush old pills? From time to time there are "Bring your unused RX and we'll dispose them" days at random locations.

Today I had some to get rid of so I took them to my local pharmacy. She said, just put them right over there. "Over there" was a large, blue metal container that reminded me of a street mail box, complete with pull down door. I said, "I never noticed that before." She replied, "We just got it."
My brilliant answer was, "I guess I'm not as unobservant as I thought," and threw my pills in the slot!

It's very warm for May -  again. This afternoon I rested until time for my favorite program (?) and slept right through it and for the next four hours. So no long discussion of the program with my favorite sister-in-law.

I hope I'm not up too late tonight.

1 comment:

  1. Your body needs sleep to get all better! Hope you can catch your fav program again! We have to take ours into the Sheriffs office they have a bin that you open like a mail slot and shove the stuff in. :)