Monday, April 22, 2019


It's too quiet in here.

The dogs are missing the company but not as much as we are!  We had such a great time seeing two great nephews, a great niece, a niece, a sister and a brother! I'm glad I married someone with relatives. None of those classifications appeared on my side of the family.  Being an only child does that. (How I hate that term - it's usually preceded by the word "spoiled."). I got plenty of whoopins when I deserved them. And plenty of love too.

They are now on the road west with a stop in Dodge City planned.  We know that between western Kansas and eastern Colorado there is not much to see but the Rockies will make up for it.

Safe trip for all and come back again!

The complete group with black Jack who is getting grey like the rest of some of us.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Visitors from the East and one from the South

Here is our group selfie very handled by Number One. (Lee can't remember the boys' names.)
Only one missing is Jack, the black dog. But the bully, Jill, is looking very cute (and a little heavy.)

Saturday, April 20, 2019


We have a visitor from the south that arrived last night. So glad to see her!

Now we are waiting for five visitors from the east. So far we have news that there were maintenance problems on two planes. No later bulletins so maybe that is the good news that they have left Ohare. Not sure how you write that O'Hare? Anyway, Chicago.   More later.

The group arrived from the east and what a nice group they are! The dogs loved them as much as we do! We talked and talked and ate. I introduced them to Kroger's Death by Chocolate ice cream. There are no Kroger's in the east! I think they thought it was ok but there were no excited yells of joy. After a long day of flights delayed and an hour car ride from our nearest airport with an airline available, I imagine they were all pretty tired.

Maybe I over sold it.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Spring and a Fall?

We are still alternating between warm and cool days here. Yesterday we had to run an errand. After getting out of the van with a small box in one hand, I went to the two steps that lead from the garage into the utility room. I grabbed the handle that Lee put up several years ago to help steady someone entering the door.

Suddenly, I felt myself slowly slipping down toward the step. My legs felt like pipe cleaners with no wire in them. I didn't fall or hit the floor hard; it was more like melting body parts (legs.)

Luckily Lee was behind me. I turned my legs around so they were out over the steps and with his help he was able to get me up.

Wow. I don't know what that was.

So today I am doing my own physical therapy. Strengthening those thighs (which are actually about the size of pipe cleaners.)

Strangely, the back is better.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Thursday Morning

We got the phone call from the doctor's office. A fracture of the L2 vertebrae is confirmed.

Oh Snap!

Appointment will be set up with pain doctor.  I think that is better news than an appointment with a surgeon.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Time Marches On

At ten minutes till two I get a phone call. Can I come in at 2:15 for the MRI?

Yes, I can.

I had not had one of those procedures for several years but I did remember that there is a lot of noise involved.

I arrived and after a bunch of questions, they placed me "in the machine." What kind of music. I don't care. Western? I don't care. Old Western? I don't care.

It's good that I did not care because I could hear no music except a faint sound in the left ear. Right ear was filled with terrible, loud, horrible noise. Half way through the twenty minute ordeal, the voice broke in and asked if I was doing ok. I told them the noise was very loud in the right ear. They said it might not be on tight. Well, they put it on. I don't mean to sound bitter because the helpers were all very nice. They just need to advise how loud the noise it and check the head phones!

So I may hear something about the results tomorrow afternoon.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Another Appointment

The next to the last of five visits for the two of us to the clinic this month to see various doctors.

My back is still whacked so an x-ray was ordered. Phone call several hours later says there may be a fractured vertebra. (oh joy) So tomorrow I'll get a call telling me when to come in for an MRI. (more joy)

How can you fracture something with no fall, no blow to the back - no injury? Osteoporosis?

We'll see, maybe.