Friday, April 21, 2017

Nap Time

Yesterday I felt sleepy after lunch so I decided to take a short nap before a certain tv show comes on

I started to set the little alarm clock and my husband said he would do it. It was 1:40 and I requested a wake up for 2:55.  Got my CPAP on and snuggled down.

The alarm went off and I woke up - not feeling any more rested than when I lay down.

It was 1:55. I had slept about fifteen minutes. He reset the clock but that was the end of nap time.

Maybe a quarter of an hour is long enough for refreshing the brain.

Phone Questions

I have a new phone. I've had it a few months.  I still need a tutorial.

Today I tried to use a procedure that I have done many times before and it will not perform!

I need my granddaughters here to help me!!!

I don't want to bother my other helper who is 1800 miles away. He logs in on the computer and helps me with all sorts of things so the phone is so much less important, I'll just struggle on.

Such minor things to concern a person in this crazy world.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


Yesterday was the day that rolls around every eight weeks - the day to get an IV of gammaglobulin.

The nurses are all so nice, pleasant, cheerful and efficient. I saw one young woman dressed all in black. The nurses wear blue surgery scrubs. When everything was assembled and the regular nurse was ready she began instructions to the lady in black. It finally dawned on me that this was a student at the local community college nursing school.

She prepared the many tubes, needle, tape and put on the plastic gloves. They looked for a vein. I kept very quiet, not wishing to tell them that the veins are small, they roll and just generally are very contrary.

They found a likely looking spot after looking on the underside of the arm.  Just above my left wrist she inserted the needle. They needed to draw some blood for testing and then attached the tubing. It was almost painless.  After she was all finished, I told her she did a really good job and that we didn't want to tell her beforehand that sometimes they have to try four times (the record was five) and I would go out into the world looking like a victim of something with coban all over my arms.

She seem pleased that I complimented her. After she was gone, I found out this was the last thing she had to check off her list. As an LPN, she had to do certain procedures before entering the RN program. The nurse told me that the student had been a little nervous. I would think so - trying the first blood draw on an old woman that you had never seen before!

Actually I was surprised by the fact that they didn't ask me if I minded if the student did the injection.
Usually they do but I think I was the last one to come in on her shift without a port!

I wonder who decided that the students should wear black.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

1970's Colorado Vacation

This is from the middle of the 1970's. Great memories from that trip.
Back when we traveled!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Seventy Year Typing Certificate

We have just a few documents from our families. I'm sure our high school diplomas are around somewhere but this turned up yesterday.

From Lebo, Kansas, in Coffey County, my husband earned this certificate in his first year of typing. He was sixteen and a junior in high school. I met him five years later after he had graduated and served four years in the navy. Yes, in at seventeen and out at twenty-one. We met on a blind date and were married three and a half months later. I'm sure my parents thought I was nuts but we were twenty-one and I guess since this year will be year sixty-five, we must have been right.

I don't think I know where the wedding certificate is!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Old Words

Last week I heard a word in an old movie on TCM that I hadn't heard for a long time:  piffle.

We used to say this when I was in high school, "Oh, piffle!" An expression of disgust is the way we used it. So I looked in and found out it means nonsense. As a verb it means to talk nonsense.

That made me think of other words I don't hear anymore. My mom called a boy going by on a bicycle a towhead. I thought she meant his head was shaped like a toe.  Later I discovered it meant very light blonde.

When I was a kid, I was tall and had thin legs. My dad told me I looked like a shyte poke, pronounced  to rhyme with shy. This was  a bird with long skinny legs. ( I since have shrunk in height but still have skinny legs.)

A friend (?) in high school told me I had alligator skin on my arms.

Another person kidded me and said I looked like Helen Brown. I was too dense to realize he was really meaning that I looked like hell in brown.  I wasn't too sharp. In Spanish class the Latinos called me Seca.  Dried up and thin.

Luckily, none of these things bothered me. They were harmless names and not like some terrible terms that are used more commonly now.

How did I get from old movies to calling people names? Stream of consciousness, I guess.

Later edit:  I used Google to look up shitepoke"   A common name for the bird, a heron, is shite-poke, which is an old-fashioned way of saying “bag [poke] of excrement. Used in Europe.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Care of Handkerchiefs (or is it handkerchieves?)

Lee opened his package of thirteen men's handkerchiefs, priced $5.00. The option was six for $3.00. Not being quick at math, I told him to get the larger pack.

After looking at the packaging, he read the notice on the package:

Handkerchiefs are reusable (really?) and do not waste environmental resources.

65% polyester       35% cotton

Machine wash cold. (No heat for killing germs?)  Gentle cycle. (They must be very delicate.)
Only non-chlorine bleach when needed. (Who uses bleach?)
Tumble dry low. Warm iron when needed. (Iron? What's that?)

I doubt if we will be that  careful of these new things. They will surely last in good condition until he loses them.