Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Confusion Today

We were waiting for an appointment today. We have wonderful doctors but sometimes they "run behind." The sign says if your wait is long than thirty minutes, notify the receptionist. After an hour, I did just that. Pleasantly. She was so nice and went to check. No, they hadn't forgotten us. (That happened many years ago and Lee was left sitting in a room for a shot that the doctor ordered and the nurses did not know he was sitting in there with the door closed.)

We finally got in. Mentioning a call we received this morning about an appointment next week, we were told we could disregard that call.  O.K. All is well and a new prescription replaces the need for a bone scan. Yay! Going over the info on the chart, the nurse asked where our street was located in Hutch, leaving out one letter. I wondered why she did that. Well, it was typed that way on the address line. She corrected that.

Earlier in the day at my appointment, they advised me to check all the info on the yearly check-up sheet. That had Lee's birthdate the same as mine.

Makes one wonder about errors.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Big Wind

We had a fast storm blow through our town last night. There was some thunder and we looked outside and the rain was horizontal. Very strong winds. Some later said it was a microburst. I'm not sure if that has been confirmed.

We lost power about 6:10. The battery radio reported 9000 without power in the north part of our city. One entire mile of wooden light poles were blown over on forty-third between Plum Street and Mayfield Road, for you locals.

Our power returned about 8:15. Luckily the temperature went down with the rain and had started back up by eight so we never got too warm in the house.

Thanks to all those electricians who climb the poles (when they are still standing!) A hard job in all kinds of weather. My dad was a lineman and later the head of a crew. He would get called out at night.  I have always wondered why we don't have more lines underground. Some new areas do and lots of places in Texas have that situation. An electrician friend told me it's harder to find an outage underground. That makes sense but I would think there would be fewer problems.

More thunderstorms forecast for today and tomorrow. We need the rain but could do with less wind.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Depth Perception

Today I removed my coffee cup from the microwave not clearing the lip of the glass turn table.

I didn't know I had such strength to clip heavy glass with a mug, resulting in  a broken edge.

There it is. Now we must be careful to not brush that broken spot with a finger.

Saturday, June 16, 2018


We decided to get a couple of sandwiches, 2 for $6.00. Waited in the drive-through, ordered, waited again, paid, drove home.

Detect an error in judgement here?

Always check in the bag. Paid for two. Got one.

Friday, June 15, 2018


Yesterday we had a long wait at the clinic due to a fax mix-up. I was people watching which we used to do on a Saturday night when I was a kid. Drive uptown, find a parking place and watch the people walk by. The stores were open late only on Saturdays.

As I saw the people come and go to check in at the lab, I really couldn't believe how some of them were dressed. Short, flimsy shorts that were almost too short on a lady who couldn't be a day under sixty. A tee shirt dress on a very pregnant young woman. I could go on.

Then I realized I was sitting there in my sweat pants with a fairly nice blouse. I forgot to change into my nice slacks before we left the house. (Someone keeps the temp very low.)

Judge not.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Flag Day

We will put out our flag and see how many are out in our neighborhood.  Report later.

I was surprised that there were only three other flags flying on our street. Maybe the others forgot it was flag day although our newspaper included a print of the flag on one complete page. The idea is that if you do not own a flag, you can tape it to your front window.

I didn't see any of those.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


We actually got some things done yesterday before it reached the 90's. Lee mowed and I helped him dig out the wet grass from under the mower. Think green cement.

I vacuumed the back screened in porch. The bag was very full. We had trouble removing it to put in a new bag! ( I  said "we." I should have said "Lee.")

Skype is not reliable headed east from here to New Jersey. My sister-in-law and I wrestle with it every day.
However, from here to California, it is perfect. Can't explain that oddity. On the other hand, it seems like a miracle that we can call and see each other and chat - for free. Remember LD? That's Long Distance for you non-operators. And it cost extra! We Number Please women were a dying breed in the 80's and now there are very few PBX (Private Branch Exchange) operators who answer calls at businesses. Time Marches On.

I did watch some historic television very early in the morning. Perhaps I needed time for a nap, but I made it through to an early bedtime. I wonder what it would be like to keep regular hours.