Tuesday, December 11, 2018

From 1982

This is a photo of our two sons, age 21 and 23 while they were enrolled in ROTC at Kansas State.
The guy on the left decided computers were for him and he became one of only a few who were qualified in a certain section of that science! (I wish I could remember what it is.)

They guy on the right went on to join the air force and served in Desert Storm. We in the family are now fans of the A-10. We were so glad when that war was over.

You  can imagine that we are proud of both of them. Each of them married great women who gave  us four granddaughters - two in each family.

The only draw back is that they live far, far away!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Thought for the Day

I was looking through a drawer today and found a small clipping with that title: Thought for the Day.

It was from the Hutchinson News in an unknown year. On the back was a list of their subscription prices.  Three months delivered to your home cost $39.42. Now that charge is $85.10. Is that inflation?

But back to the thought.  It is a quote from Joyce Cary, an English author who lived from 1888 to1957.

"It is the tragedy of the world that no one knows what he doesn't know - and the less a man knows, the more sure he is that he knows everything."

A very interesting thought.

Sunday, December 9, 2018


About a week ago our younger son and his wife sent us a large box of peppernuts. These are made from a recipe my aunt in Halstead, KS, gave to me. They have been made and eaten for at least eighty years around our house. The recipe is huge - twelve cups of flour, anise oil and other spices. You can imagine the labor involved in changing all that dough into small cookies the size of a large marble.
We rolled them out in long "snakes" and then cut them. It's an all day process.

They were disappearing at an alarming rate, sitting on the dining room table, so I moved them to the china closet. We both knew where they were but I stupidly thought, "Out of sight, out of mind."

Today  I went to get one after only eating a couple the day they arrived. There were thirteen left in the large bowl.

I took one out, ate it.  Let's just say I was a little ticked.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 8, 2018


With high temperatures in the low 30's and today it's 23 so far, we thought chili sounded good.
I made the grocery list and took off. Among other things we needed I got all the chili fixins - tomatoes, celery, onion, green pepper, kidney beans and hamburger.

It was not a good experience at check-out. I still let the cashiers ring me up instead of all that self-service they provide. I unloaded the cart and the last item I took out was a large jar of dill pickles. I didn't make it onto the belt. It hit the edge and then hit the floor. Glass, pickles and juice were all over.

I was embarrassed. The bag girl told me that yesterday somebody dropped her bottle of tea. "It happens."

After I got home, I started the chili. No McCormick packet of chili powder and no chili powder on the spice shelf. BUT, there was a packet of Taco Mix.

Someone said the chili was good. I asked if it was too hot. "No, it was good."

He'll never know because he doesn't read this blog.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Pearl Harbor Day

I remembered it is Pearl Harbor Day after I wrote the previous post. Since I have missed a few days, I guess it is ok to have two posts on one day.

I remember listening to the radio with my folks. We did that a lot back then to hear the "soaps."  One Man's Family, Lux Radio Theater, Ma Perkins, Aunt Jennie's Real Life Stories, The Guiding Light, Fibber McGee and Molly, Red Skelton, Bob Hope,  Inner Sanctum, Major Bowes Amateur Hour.
Those are the ones I remember.

However on one Sunday we heard a news bulletin. These were rare then - not "Breaking News" every hour. The Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor in the Hawaiian Islands. Ships destroyed and hundreds of service men killed.

It was very scary for a ten year old. My folks remained calm but I knew it was very serious. I wondered if they would bomb our country, state or town.

The next morning at school we heard President Roosevelt speak to Congress. (Each room had a small radio that was usually used to hear an educational program.) I do not remember if there was any discussion. We were in a room that was split down the middle - half fifth grade and half sixth grade.

Later there were paper drives, metal drives, saving grease and buying war stamps at school every week. My folks wanted to buy bonds so they let me bring $18.75 to school to purchase a book of stamps. Then I licked them, filled the book and they took it to the bank to get a regular certificate. In ten years that would return $25.00. I've forgotten how to figure interest, but it sounds like a pretty good deal. And we felt we were helping the war effort!

Our janitor at Roosevelt Grade School was Mr. Welles. We bought him a money belt as a gift when he entered the army. Sadly, he was one who did not return. Everybody had a relative or close friend in the service. Women went to work in the factories building planes, tanks and jeeps.

In less that four years it was over. Britain, Russia, Canada, called the Allies, managed to defeat the Axis: Germany, Japan and Italy, in a truly world wide war.

When it was over, I was fourteen, had my driver's license and we drove up and down Main Street, Hutchinson, KS, honking and cheering. It was the closest thing we ever had to a traffic jam.

Fur Coat Weather

I think this was three year old me in my white fur coat, muff and boots. Mom had a black fur coat and I thought it was called seal skin. Is that even possible?

Such incorrect items for today's world. I guess I was thinking about the weird stuff going on with "Baby It's Cold Outside" and "Santa Baby."  We were so innocent.

I know times change and we need to make progress but some changes are very strange.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Our oldest granddaughter has asked me join a site that suggests subjects to write about - memories from your childhood or just life in general. They send a topic every week. You can write about it, choose from their library or pick your own subject. Then your kids or grandkids or relatives can read it if they want to.

The emails are supposed to arrive once a week but in a week and three days, I've had three  topics! I think it will slow down because they promise the next one won't be until Monday, the 10th!

One of them was about favorite toys from your childhood. This was not one of my favorites but it is the only one I have left! Obviously it is for a baby. Can you imagine turning a baby loose with those strings, collapsible celluloid and tiny bells? Safety, people!

Obviously I survived it. Wonder who made the dent.