Monday, August 13, 2018


It's a cooler day with lots of clouds after a shower last night. On our trip today we parked next to a van (suv?) with the two front windows cracked about two inches. Inside was a white poodle who barked vigorously at us. The temperature was 76. I swore that was too hot for the dog. Lee says with no sun out it couldn't be that hot.
We climbed into our van and I thought it felt pretty toasty.

I have the tag number - a Reno County handicapped tag. I just hope the dog is all right. I should have left a note.

Some people have no brains.

Friday, August 10, 2018

That Number is OD

On Tuesday night we had a nice rain. Since then our house phone has not worked. Static only when we try to call out. When I called in from my cell, I got a message telling me that the number 206-xxx-xxx is busy and to leave a message. In the first place, that is not our area code. Secondly, it is one number short of a working number. Trouble somewhere.

I wanted to call Cox and report it. Lee said, "Don't bother." Every time we have a heavy rain, the phone is OD (operator lingo for Out of Order.) So we have had no calls wanting to sell us something. No calls period. I keep dialing it every few hours and was still getting the same message. . .until just a few minutes ago. It's working. No workman had to come out. I guess it just finally dried out.

I used to work as an operator at United Telephone in Russell at a cord board. Then much later, I was hired in Hutch to work at a cord board which soon transferred to a new office with fancy new consoles. I loved those jobs. At the last one, we were encouraging customers to do their own dialing which I thought was just going to put us out of a job. Who knew that a cell phone would do that? We had experience with mobile phones and they were a pain.

A long way from the rural numbers that had metal drops over the connectors in Russell! Every time we had lightning in the area, all would drop at once and we had a paint brush to sweep them all up and closed again. Those were also the time when we rang the called number with a long and a short or a short and a long. The persons on the party line was only supposed to answer their ring.

But that's how the news traveled through the countryside.  Life was certainly simple.

Thursday, August 9, 2018


Lee decided he wanted to split a milk shake. So off we went to Bogey's. Before we got there, he changed his mind. "Let's get two small ones."  O.K.  Small chocolate and the special, Fudge Stripe - for a limited time.

Mine had a doughnut shaped chocolate striped cookie on top. The total bill? $7.72. It seems the extra cookies (more throughout the shake) were an extra ninety cents. L' s - $3.09 and mine was $3.99. Sixty four cents sales tax. They were delicious.

The sad thing about living this long is you can remember when a milk shake was made in a large metal container, served in a glass with the remainder in the steel cup served along side to refill your glass and it was twenty-five cents plus one cent sales tax. (Two cents kicked in at about at about a sixty-four cent purchase.)

Time do march on.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Weird Things

Some days are stranger than others.

Today Lee had an appointment at the clinic at 10:45. We were home all morning and received no phone calls. When we arrived to check in, the receptionist said they had been trying to call us this morning, The doctor is sick today. We need to reschedule.  O.k. We were home all morning and neither phone rang. I asked her which phone she called and she gave me the cell number. I wish I had looked at the phone then to see when the call was made that we missed.

But I did not. Suddenly the phone rang. I looked at the number and did not recognize it so did not answer while I was talking with her.

I wish I had.

It was 10:37. After we got home, I returned that call. Guess what. It was the from receptionist desk of the doctor where I was standing.

I wonder if they thought I wouldn't notice the time the call was made - 10:37.

I sure wish I had answered it!  There were no other calls received on either phone this morning. Anybody can make a mistake, but don't try to fool an old person. We can usually figure things out if we're given enough time.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Thunder Storm

Jill is tan and Jack is black.

We had a shower about 2:30 a.m. Jill was pacing the floor. Usually the bathroom door is shut but when I opened it, in she went. We have noticed this is her hiding place when firecrackers or thunder can be heard.

Jack was asleep on the bed, in the middle, as usual.

Why are the bullies afraid? Jack is the one being bullied and the only thing he is fearful of is Jill.

Sunday, August 5, 2018


A pretty quiet day until I found out that Lee fell during the night. I must sleep very soundly because I did not hear it happen. He hit a bedside table instead of a wall this time.

Struggling to know just what to do about this.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Red and Blue and Some White

This one is finished. It measures 58" x 45" and I guess that's big enough to wrap up in this winter.
I never know how big one will be. I try to measure from my chin to the floor while standing but they still come out in many different dimensions!
And then my dear sister-in-law manages to outdo me by making them the size of a double bed. Now that's an afghan!!