Sunday, April 22, 2018

Almost Bedtime

Another quiet day.  We had spaghetti for lunch and tuna sandwiches for supper.

I had to throw out part of a head (?) of Romaine. The news story said if you have some and even have eaten part of it and not gotten sick, throw the rest out. This was not chopped and packaged. I never bought those prepackaged salad sacks. Too much handling goin' on!

We are pretty lucky that most of the time our food is safe. We need to be aware when they warn us.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Quiet Day

Except for sneezing and sleeping, not much went on here today.  Not feeling so good.
Hoping for a better tomorrow.

Friday, April 20, 2018


The temperature got up to sixty-four by two p.m.

Maybe there's hope for some spring yet - before we slide right into summer in the Wheat State.

Forecast for tonight is possible - POSSIBLE - rain. I hope they are right. There are fires in Oklahoma and western Kansas.

Thursday, April 19, 2018


Today involved moving a lot of money around.

I did learn something new. When one deposits an amount in the checking account it shows up almost immediately online as a new balance.

However, there is a notation: Transaction pending.

This means that you better wait at least twenty-four hours before you try to use that money in a check writing action.  The explanation was something about a "shadow posting."

That didn't mean anything to me and she didn't offer any more information.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Midnight Excitement

About twelve o'clock this morning I woke up. I use a CPAP machine and I wasn't getting any pressure or oxygen. I got out of bed. The night light (tv) was out and so was the bathroom light.
However, the light was on in the dining room. Lee has been leaving it on since the hall light burned out (again.)
I check in the computer room and the lights in there were working. In the kitchen, no lights came on.
The refrigerator light came on when I opened the door. Wondering about the stove, I turned on the front burner and the ceiling light came on!  I turned the switch off and the light went off. I tried this three times and it worked every time.

I went back to the computer room and sat there for about forty-five minutes after I got a flash light and looked up the number for the power company. Suddenly all the lights went out. I grabbed the cell phone and called the number to report it. The nice voice was a live person and he told me the outage had been reported. That surprised me because it had just happened. Anyway, I walked into the living room while we were talking and the Westar truck was in front of our house. What quick service!

I stayed awake and watched the lighted helmet move from the front yard to the pole in the neighbor's yard several times. After a while, another truck arrived with two more men. They put a spot light on the pole and transformer.  I watch the lineman climb the pole and work with many cords or cables.

Meanwhile, Lee was up and insisted we needed to light an oil lamp. Of course, it was on the top of a cupboard in the utility room. Guess who had to get up on the ladder and retrieve it and a bottle of oil. We got that working after finding out the automatic fire starter didn't work. We had to resort to fireplace matches.  My opinion was we had flash lights. Why did we need a lamp.

Back to the kitchen window and I got a picture of the workman on the pole. I didn't try to zoom it so it is hard to make out. At 3:40 a.m. we had power.

The mystery for me is why did turning on the electric stove burner make the kitchen ceiling light come on. That was spooky.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


The big news today was that there was a record low of 23 F Monday morning. And today in
Dodge City was a record high of 93 F. Quite a swing.

We went to the store for coffee and dental floss. Thirty minutes later we ended up with 16 items and went through the 15 items or less cashier line. (A slight cheating.)

We have state sales tax on food so the tax was over $7.00. Final bill, $88.00. At least we won't have to go back soon.

Monday, April 16, 2018


Today I got a request to check over a document. It was sent to me in a file. I managed to open it.

I discovered that while I was looking at it, I could edit it! Yea! I did all the edits and then had trouble figuring out how to send it back to the sender!

I still wasn't sure and then realized I didn't have the email address for the sender in that format. I was afraid to leave it because I would lose all the changes (4) that I had made. Soooo I mailed it to myself.

Two hours later it still hadn't arrived. Back to square one. Luckily I had used that old fashioned item a pen and pad to write down the changes. I  redid it and sent it again. This time it came through. When I opened it, the changes were there in the lovely red that I used so they would show up.

I think I need a class on Microsoft Word.