Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hot, Hot Days of Summer

We are having days of 99 and 100 with plenty of humidity which makes it very muggy.

I haven't had much to blog about. Crocheting fills my afternoons after mornings spent running errands before it gets toohot to touch the car.

Two things happened recently which involve buying yarn. At one store I did not get a cart and carried several skeins of yarn back to the check out register with one tucked under my right arm pit. I put them all on the counter except the one under my arm. She rang up the yarns, I paid and suddenly realized I had another skein. She laughed and said she hadn't seen it. So another ring up and I paid and got out of there.

Several days later at a different store,I had a coupon with a percentage "off." I put both skeins on the counter with the coupon and said, "I have a coupon for one of them."  She rang it up along with two other items that my husband bought. The total didn't seem out of line but when I got home, I looked at the ticket. The clerk had only charged me for one skein.

It was too warm to go back that afternoon, but the next morning we went back and I paid up! She thanked me and said it had happened to her. We agreed that if they had made a mistake by overcharging, the customer would want it corrected.

From the replies on social media to the dilemma, everybody agreed it was the right thing to do.

I knew that already.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Stinky but Soothing

I dislike the smell of liniment. My grandmother Brown, bless her, used it quite a bit when they lived with us. I think it was for her rheumatism. I'm not sure if that is aching muscles or joints. Would it be called arthritis today?

Wellll, I now smell like my granny.Thursday morning I woke up with bite at the base of my throat.
Mosquito? Spider? At least it's not a tick! And man, does it itch. I tried  Neosporine because it was the first thing I saw in the medicine cabinet. No good. Lee mentioned Lamisil. Tried it. Some relief but not for long.

Then he suggested the smelly stuff he used to put on his feet that smells like my grandmother's liniment:  ABSORBINE JR.  Yuck!  It burned like fire and I thought, "This was a big mistake." Then the fired calmed down and although I can now walk into and clear a room, the itch is under control.

Monday, June 26, 2017

I Can Count

Yesterday we celebrated Sunday by getting carry-out (!)

Total bill $11.47.  Got out $12.00, ready to hand it to the window person.

"$10.47."  Dumbly, I handed her the  $12.00. She handed back  .53 change and kept the extra dollar.
It was not a tip. I immediately realized something wasn't right. We got home and there were two cash register receipts in the bag.  One was for $11.47 and one was for $10.47 with a (old age) discount.

So, I guess it was tip.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Almost a Boo Boo

Last week I was back at the only store in town (that I know of) that sells the brand of yarn that I use.
I didn't use a shopping cart and picked up five skeins of yarn, tucking one under my right arm.

When I reached the cashier, I put four skeins on the moving counter and reached for money in my wallet. She checked me out, put the yarn in a sack and gave me change. All of a sudden I realized I had another skein under my arm! She hadn't seen it and I don't know where my mind was.

I apologized and she said no problem and rang it up.  We both laughed; me a little nervously?

I really was not trying to get out with a free hank of yarn.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday Tea

I enjoy a sweet tea now and then.

This morning as we returned home from an errand, we stopped at the fast food shop and I ordered, "Sweet tea, please."

Got home.  Plain tea.  Oh well, I could always add some sugar but maybe it's better that I don't!

I wonder how many orders they get wrong in one day. We seem to get our share every time we go there.

  Should I take a sip before driving away?

Such a minor problem in today's world!

Saturday, June 17, 2017


A friend/blogger posted several photos of her Border Collie sitting among a large field of daisies. Beautiful dog and great pictures!   It made me think of our McDuff, Bassett Hound puppy, near our old cement porch in 1962. He was a good dog for the kids but destructive. We got our first Great Dane and sadly found Duff a new home. I don't know if he chewed on the siding of their home or not but I remember getting a note saying he used their new white shag for relieving himself. 
They did not care for the new color scheme: brown and white.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Something New to Be Solved

It's a nice cool morning to run errands. The last stop was the grocery store. (We needed ice cream.)
So we drove home, parked in the garage and went to the back door of the van. Lee says, "It's locked."
I said that I must have hit the button when I got out. Back to the driver's side, press U for Unlock.
Nothing. Tried toggling the switch. Nope. Turned on the engine, toggled the button. No.

Meanwhile the ice cream is probably melting in the back of the warm van. Ah! There is a place for a key to unlock the door, right below the handle. How silly not to see that.

That didn't work either. Key goes to and fro with no result.

Guess who had to get the step stool, climb in the side door and around the third sea to the inside handle?  Got it open.

Ice cream and groceries put away.  It still won't open.

Can we use the side door for loading now? Boss says no.