Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Mr. Manilow

This is a photo I took at one of his  concerts in Wichita. I think it was in the 1980's. Then you could take pictures with a telephoto lens but no flash.

I was a big fan and even joined the fan club. When tickets went on sale, there was a separate line for fan members. I was the only little old lady in tennis shoes in that line. In fact, the day I was there, there were no bobby soxers in line either! Our younger son took me to one concert in Wichita and a couple rode with us to Salina to see his show. On the way home from that one, we drove through heavy snow that I don't remember being forecast!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

A Nation of Readers

That was the name of the contest that was offered by our local library. This is taken with a 35 mm and was the only shot I took. That was the same with the other two. I later learned that real photographers take many shots and then choose the best one. I was lucky to get the one I wanted and all three of them were taken on film. Unlike today with digital, a person cannot see what they have until hours or in some cases, days later.

This lady was my dad's cousin, Violet Rose Hampton Dewey. This was taken in a house that was built in 1888. The room they called the library was lined with shelves built by her husband. The pitcher on the side table was given to her mother, Eliza Pringle Hampton. She went to a store with her dad when she was about five or six and picked out that pitcher to give to her mom.

Under that afghan, which I believe she made, are sweat pants.

I was so delighted that the photo won first prize. She went with me to  the award winners presentation. I received some money and a large book about photography. I wish I could remember the year. I believe it was the late '80's.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Kansas Scene

This photo was my second prize winner. Spangler's photo shop had a contest and I don't remember what the theme was. Maybe Scenes of Kansas? This was taken between Emporia and Newton, KS, just off Highway 50. The last time we drove that way, I tried and tried to locate it. Maybe the stone house was destroyed or disintegrated. Anyway, I was thrilled again to have won. I think the prize was a gift certificate.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

My Fav

Another picture with the Sawyer - not a prize winner anywhere else but it is with me.  MN and PN.

Saturday, June 22, 2019


I have always liked to take pictures. My granny gave me an old box Brownie that used 116 film That was my first time to take pictures. I honestly don't remember the next camera I bought but I'm pretty sure I used something else by the time I got to Juco (junior college.)

The picture above is one I took with a Sawyer double lens reflex camera that we bought when our first son, Mike, was born. That is him at about age two on a kiddie ride at Clowntown in Hutchinson, KS. We recently looked that camera up and the internet says it was only manufactured from 1958 - 1960. We bought ours in 1959.

I had it cropped as you see it and entered it in a weekly contest that our newspaper had and actually won $10! I was so excited.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Not Spilling the Beans

Many years ago I had a friend who suspected her spouse (I love that word) of being unfaithful.

That is always sad and I think her friends tried to be supportive.

One day I was at a restaurant picking up an order to go and there was this spouse eating with a person who was not his wife. I remember I got this terrible feeling of being hot all over. What kind of emotion does that to you? As I walked out, I made a snarky remark about not knowing that he liked fish (which was the restaurant's reason for being.) He said, "I sure do."

I went home, fed the crew with the carry-out lunch and avoided seeing any of the friends or talking to them for the rest of the day.

The next day I got a call from my friend, who was laughing. She could hardly tell me what had happened. Her other half had come home and said, "I suppose Mary Lou told you I was having lunch with -----"  She looked him right in the eye and said, "I haven't talked to Mary Lou today. She said the look on his face was priceless. It was like one of the scenes in a movie when someone learns something that is unbelievable. True guilt can cause that look.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Hot and Windy

Since it was so windy, I just let my hair dry any which way after my shower. It would have blown that way anyway as soon as I stepped outside!

One more doctor visit! Just a six month deal to meet up with "the lung guy." When we were in Texas for fifteen months, we saw various doctors there. We asked the one we liked best if he couldn't be our regular G. P. doctor. His answer was, "I'm just the lung guy." So my favorite doctor is the one I saw today. He was a G. P. but his specialty was pulmonology. After going along for a while with too many patients, he has decided to just do his "thing."

Lee was very disappointed. The doctor had told me but I didn't tell my husband. I thought, I'll just let doctor tell him himownself! So at the next appointment for Lee I said that Dr. S. had something he wanted to tell Lee. Dr. S. looked shocked. I'm sure he thought I had told Lee the bad news. So he had to be the one to disappoint Lee.

Was that mean? I hope not. It's not the first time somebody was shocked when they found out that I can keep a secret.  More on that tomorrow.