Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Happy Memories

Yesterday I felt ANOTHER cold coming on. Dang. Third one since the week before Thanksgiving.
Feeling a little "down," I mopped the kitchen, did a few other cleaning things and sat down to realize how good life really is.
This morning I realized that twenty-six years ago, Gigi B. and I were in the lovely state of Louisiana. Our first grandchild on both sides of the family tree was due to arrive. We flew there together. (It's so good to be on friendly terms with your son's in-laws!) We had a good time and later in the evening, Miss E. decided it was time to head to the hospital. Driving on unknown roads, in the dark - but heck, I've been driving since I was fourteen, right? Well, I didn't see a curb that some engineer place right in the middle of four lanes and we went soaring over that but no harm unless it was to the station wagon's alignment.
Our first granddaughter arrived after midnight on the fourteenth of December, looking suspiciously like her dad did thirty-one years before! About her dad, he was over in Desert Storm and following events by telephone - no texting then (that I was aware of.)  And the first thing our son said to me on the phone: "I hear you tried to wreck my Jeep." 

Friday, December 2, 2016

Personal Hygiene

Yesterday I had a quick trip to the clinic to see my doctor about the second cold coming on since the week before Thanksgiving. Not many folks were in the waiting room. While Lee read a magazine, I observed the other people waiting.
I really do not stare! That would be rude but I did glance around a lot. The woman who was the most interesting was sitting sideways off to our right and facing away from us. Therefore she didn't see my very coy "glances."
She had a large quilted bag - almost too large to be a purse but I noticed she was searching in it for something deep inside. At last she found her hand/body lotion and applied it liberally to her bare arms. It was a chilly day but she had removed her jacket.
That lotion was powerful in the smelling department.
Next she found a mirror and some tweezers and was actually pulling hairs from her middle aged moustache. (Ladies, you all know what I mean if you are of a certain age.)  About this time, we were called in for my appointment.
Now I'll never know if she flossed her teeth or cleaned her ears with one of those new rotor rooter things I see on tv.