Monday, November 28, 2016

Noritake Candy Dishes

These are two candy dishes that belonged to my mom. I wonder if she used them when she had bridge club. Those were lively affairs with two tables, eight ladies and lots of card playing, talking and laughing. When desert was served, there were square linen bridge cloths. The dishes seem pretty small but things were daintier back then. They're are from the 1930's, long before we were involved in a dispute with the country who made beautiful, hand painted things.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ironic Juxtaposition

This belonged to my mom. I always remember it holding pansies from our yard in the spring.
The label on the bottom of the bowl is pictured here -Czechoslovakia. And the little clown standing astride his little frog - he's marked Germany.

Saturday, November 26, 2016


My mom had an entire set of this beautiful Early American Fostoria. I gave it away to  one of her great nieces who had started to collect them for her Hope Chest. (Yes, there used to be something called that.) One of the reasons I gave it to her was because I had no room for all those plates, cups, saucers, serving dishes, cake stand, goblets! I did keep the cream and sugar, a relish dish and one salad plate. They must have been duplicates.
I would never have sold it but I notice now that this stuff is very expensive! I used to have a  pamphlet that listed all the pieces and the price of each one. That is no longer available! But I have noticed that the cake stand does sell for $50 in antique shops.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Pop Bottle Top Trivet

Here in the boonies of Kansas, we call sodas "pop."  About a half century ago (1949 to be exact) I used to crochet with very fine thread. No more. I use yarn and make afghans and hats.
But back to the soda pop lids: I washed this before taking the photos. Maye those are burns instead of dirt - anyway, I tried to pull aside some of the stitches to see what we were drinking back then.
I saw Imitation Strawberry and Orange Soda. Most of them were not loose enough to decipher.
This is a thing I have saved, moved, used and still have. There are many other things we have discarded over the 64 years that I wish we still owned! A stamp collection, a wounded rocking chair, a Japanese sword, a set of Fostoria (but it now has a good home) a piano, a perfume bottle collection, a 1928 Buick coupe with wooden spoke wheels - the list is long.
On second thought, where would I have room for all that stuff?

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Take-Out Tales

We do get drive-through meals from time to time. It seems as if we get more than our share of errors.
We ordered a chicken wrap, sweet potato fries and an Oriental Chicken Salad. Got home. No dressing for the salad. If you've ever had that particular item from Applebee's, you know the dressing is what makes it so darn good.
Call the restaurant. He says, "You probably aren't where you can come back and get it?"  I said, "I sure am." So back we go. Apologies on the phone. Apologies when we pick up the Large Sack which I thought was awfully big for that tiny white container of dressing seen in the photo.
The woman was so nice and said she didn't check the order when she brought it out to the car before.
"And there is a little desert in there for you."
When we got home, two cups of vanilla ice cream and two large slivers of chocolate brownie-type cake, drizzled with chocolate syrup. When I showed Lee, he said, "Do you think we should call them?"  Nope.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

"Young Lady!"

Walking into a store with many departments, we were headed for the ATM machine.

I have a slight hearing loss but I do not need folks to shout. Suddenly I hear a very loud voice from a store within the store saying, "How are you this morning, young lady?" Since I am eighty-five, I ignored her.

(Later my husband said he thought about telling her I was hard of hearing and probably didn't hear her! The whole store could hear her, I'm pretty sure.)

Next to being called Sweetie or Honey by strangers, Young Lady is my third choice of being turned off. I just expect friendliness or respect which is what I usually get. Most people are so nice and caring - asking if they can help in various situations.

Just don't call me Young Lady.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

At Long Last -

It's over. The election is history.

I truly hoped that the end would mean less hatred.  How na├»ve.

It was very close. We are divided. Don't let this become a "thing" between you and your friends of the other persuasion. What we say or do now will have no affect on what happens in DC.

So just cool it. Get on with your lives and be kind to each other. That's what counts.

Sunday, November 6, 2016


Some days we spend a lot of time looking for things that seem to be lost.
Yesterday it was a brown glove. I had seen a brown glob on the living room floor when I walked through on the way to the front door to get the morning paper. It was still dark and I thought, "Oh my gosh. One of the dogs did a bad thing in the house."

I turned on the light and was so glad to see one of Lee's gloves he has been using to keep his hands warm, hoping it would relieve some arthritis pain. I picked up the glove and put it on the dining room table - at least that is my memory of the place I put it.

Later I saw a glove in the bedroom on the bedside table and L. told me he can't find his other glove. I looked all over this house: trash, recycle bin, washer, dryer, refrigerator, closet shelf. In other words, every where.

Later we went to the car to run an errand and there was a glove in the front seat. We decided that L. found the glove on the table and moved it to the bedroom. AND, he had left the other glove in the car yesterday.

Life gets tedious, hunting for lost stuff.