Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Take-Out Tales

We do get drive-through meals from time to time. It seems as if we get more than our share of errors.
We ordered a chicken wrap, sweet potato fries and an Oriental Chicken Salad. Got home. No dressing for the salad. If you've ever had that particular item from Applebee's, you know the dressing is what makes it so darn good.
Call the restaurant. He says, "You probably aren't where you can come back and get it?"  I said, "I sure am." So back we go. Apologies on the phone. Apologies when we pick up the Large Sack which I thought was awfully big for that tiny white container of dressing seen in the photo.
The woman was so nice and said she didn't check the order when she brought it out to the car before.
"And there is a little desert in there for you."
When we got home, two cups of vanilla ice cream and two large slivers of chocolate brownie-type cake, drizzled with chocolate syrup. When I showed Lee, he said, "Do you think we should call them?"  Nope.


  1. Well wasn't that nice of them! We live in the Boonies so we hardly ever get take out, a Pizza once in awhile:)

  2. That was nice of the folks at Applebee's!