Saturday, November 26, 2016


My mom had an entire set of this beautiful Early American Fostoria. I gave it away to  one of her great nieces who had started to collect them for her Hope Chest. (Yes, there used to be something called that.) One of the reasons I gave it to her was because I had no room for all those plates, cups, saucers, serving dishes, cake stand, goblets! I did keep the cream and sugar, a relish dish and one salad plate. They must have been duplicates.
I would never have sold it but I notice now that this stuff is very expensive! I used to have a  pamphlet that listed all the pieces and the price of each one. That is no longer available! But I have noticed that the cake stand does sell for $50 in antique shops.

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  1. Beautiful dishes, yes I have seen some of those prices, but are people buying them:)