Tuesday, March 31, 2020


This is from a blog that I read every day. Her daughter works in the health care  system and gave this to her. It does sound sensible to me. Thanks MM and I hope you don't mind me passing it on.

 I passed the test in number eleven which surprised me. I hope staying home keeps us away from being around the virus.

Doctors are reporting they now understand the behavior of the COVID 19 virus due to autopsies that they have carried out. This virus is characterized by obstructing respiratory pathways with thick mucus that solidifies and blocks the airways and lungs. So they have discovered that in order to apply a medicine you have to open and unblock these airways so that the treatment can be used to take effect however all of this takes a number of days. Their recommendations for what you can do to safeguard yourself are .
1) Drink lots of hot liquids - coffees, soups, teas, warm water. In addition take a sip of warm water every 20 minutes bc this keeps your mouth moist and washes any of the virus that’s entered your mouth into your stomach where your gastric juices will neutralize it before it can get to the lungs.

2) Gargle with an antiseptic and warm water like vinegar or salt or lemon every day if possible

3) The virus attaches itself to hair and clothes. And detergent or soap kills it but you must take bath or shower when you get in from the street. Avoid sitting down in your home and go straight to the shower. If you cannot wash your clothes daily, hang them in sunlight which also helps to neutralize the virus

4) Wash metallic surfaces very carefully because the virus can stay viable on these for up to 9 days. Take note and be vigilant about touching hand rails, door knobs, etc. and keep these clean in home. 

5) Don’t smoke

6) Wash your hands every 20 minutes with any soap that foams and do this for 20 seconds

7) Eat fruits and vegetables. Try to elevate your zinc levels.

8)Animals do not spread the virus to people. Its a person to person transmission.

9)Try to avoid getting the common flu as this already weakens your system and try to avoid eating and drinking any cold things.

10) If you feel any discomfort in your throat or a sore throat coming on, attack it immediately using the above methods. The virus enters the system through the throat but will sit in the throat for 3-4 days before it passes into your lungs.
In addition ...

11.) Experts suggest doing this simple verification every morning: Breathe in deeply and hold your breath for 10 seconds. If this can be done without coughing, without difficulty, this shows that there is no fibrosis in the lungs, indicating the absence of infection. It is recommended to do this control every morning to help detect infection.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Every Other Day

It seems like I miss every other day in the blogging world. It's not that I am busy!

Yesterday was my geburstag. I hope that is correct for the German word. I visited Germany in 1989 and had a wonderful time. Since I can remember World War II, it was so interesting to meet such wonderful people and hope that in the future times, we could become friends with the rest of our so-called enemies!  It was a long time ago!

This morning I completed our first grocery order online. We can pick up tomorrow between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. 

The curse, May you live in Interesting Times, has somehow become true.

Friday, March 27, 2020

A Joint to Notice

I never noticed how much I used my left thumb until the day a week or so ago that it popped into place instead of operating smoothly.

That stopped after about a day but now it's just noticeable when I try to pick up anything, turn on a faucet, stir a pot or handle anything. Maybe this is a way to remind me to wash my hands.

Although I have always washed my hands after handling money or shopping, using the bathroom; and before getting a meal ready!

We just take stuff for granted that it's going to work until something happens to change that thought!

We need to listen to the scientists in this present time.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

A Day for the Vet Visit

A wellness check was needed so we took one dog.  The other trip for Jack will be later.

Jill has some problems. She is over weight. When you think about it, that is our problem. She gained four pounds since January. On a small dog that is very disturbing.

So back to limited feeding. Wish us luck and success. We can do this!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

A Trip to An "Empty" Hospital

Every eight weeks I get a boost to my immune system at our local regional medical center, formerly called a hospital.

Today there are large signs: NO VISITORS.

At the door I was met by two nurses behind a table that blocks entry to the rest of the lobby. I stated why I was there, my name and answered their questions. I was given a tag to wear that said Outpatient Visitor. The nurse advised me to sit down in a chair and wait. Suddenly she said, "Oh no. You can go on up."  So I did.

The walk to the elevators was without people. There were no people in the elevators nor in the infusion area. I was the first patient of the day at 1:00 p.m.

While following the instructions, I completely forgot that I'm supposed to check in at the admitting desk. As I told the nurses at infusion, any little change in routine makes me forget  the former requirements!  I could always say, "I was just following orders."

They called admitting and told her I was there. On the way out, I signed in.

I wonder what the changes will be after the next two months.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Sunday Morning

On Sunday mornings I try to watch CBS Sunday Morning. This program lasts one and a half hours. It has interesting and uplifting stories from all over the world. I always learn something and almost every story is full of good news and good people.

I convinced my relative in a far-away state to watch yesterday. So what happened? They covered the same story we were seeing elsewhere. Maybe they felt they needed to capture an audience that usually doesn't watch cable news.

They did and I was disappointed.  Maybe next week.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Good News

There are some stories about restaurants donating food that they aren't selling to feed people who aren't working.

A restaurant in New York City had eight hundred pounds of chicken nuggets that they couldn't sell so they made some of their recipes and gave them to people who are distributing food.

One name that caught my eye was Captain Crunk Nugs which are rolled in Captain Crunch cereal.
In the long ago time of CB radio, Lee was Captain Crunch. Those were crazy times - listening to strangers on the radio.

Now we meet strangers on social media and they become friends!

Friday, March 20, 2020

New Appliance

This week I received a large box from TX. It contained an air fryer! More about the use of it later.

But! After we had opened the package, I saw a person on TV telling us how to treat a package from Amazon. The virus cannot live longer than twenty-four hours on cardboard. Therefore, leave the package/box outside for the twenty-four. Then, using plastic gloves, open it and dispose of the box.

Hmm. After we opened it, the  box sat on the dining room table for more than twenty-four hours so I guess we are o.k.

This is really not something to joke about but it is funny how we don't think about "stuff."

Stay healthy, you all.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

We Are Counted

Our census form came today with a strange twelve digit number to record when we filled out the form online. I couldn't get the first four digits to show up in the first box. Tried again and the same result. The other two boxes seemed o.k. so I moved on.

It was all very simple after that. Please count yourself!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Getting Out

I have no great desire to go anywhere. I don't get cabin fever. Someone else needed a new phone card  (!]

So off we went. He came out half an hour later with groceries! This will be the last trip for a while.

And the weatherman has changed his tune. Down from 72 to 55. Tomorrow is the 72.

Again - wanna bet?

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Lost A Day

Well, I didn't really lose a day but it felt like it. Something I like and ate must have not liked me. I guess I was lucky it was just an upset stomach. I went to bed very early and this morning feel back to normal range - whatever that is!

It's been in the 40's and cloudy for several days. We needed the few showers we've had and more are expected this week. The weatherman has lost his mind - they say we'll have 72 for a high tomorrow.

Wanna bet?

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Hidden Bills

On the large box we received last week that contained the visor attachment there was no address. I thought that was odd but it had come to the right place. I wondered when they would bill us.

Later after I was getting ready to toss the box into the recycle poly cart, I remembered that the recycle company's instructions say to flatten the box. That makes sense. Less room taken up in the cart and later in the truck.

I put the box on the table and turned it over ready to cut the clear tape with some scissors. There was an envelop with the address and inside it was the bill.  It seemed to be attached with Gorilla Glue.

I am glad I didn't throw the whole thing away.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Common Sense

I guess I need to explain. Being smart does not relate to common sense.

Yesterday I was in the computer room, checking our emails and the interweb.  I heard no strange noise, but when I left the room to get some coffee, I saw garbage scattered from the hall, through the dining room and into the living room.

Someone had insisted that I NOT take our the trash. He would do it. So I parked it on top of the dryer. Later, Someone put it on the floor by the back door. Jill, the incorrigible, evidently did not care for that location so she dragged the white plastic bag into the living room and proceeded to unload it.  Jack was right there with her. So why do I blame Jill? She is larger and stronger. However, Jack can be sneaky when it comes  to food so I guess they both may be guilty.

What a mess to clean up. It's all in a clean, unchewed bag now.

Common sense says, take out the trash. Someone suggested setting it out in the garage. So what could possibly go wrong there? The cats would have had a second course.

Friday, March 13, 2020

My Husband is Very Smart

I've always known that Lee is very intelligent. When he was in the Navy, a superior officer wanted him to apply for officer training school. He knew he didn't want a career in the military - let alone be an officer.

In his job, he was encouraged to go to upper positions but he knew he didn't want to live in a large metropolitan area. He had lived in Chicago as a child and I think he remembered that experience. So we were, and are, content in a smallish town. Once a year it pretends it is Smallville, home of Superman. There are many similarities to the description given in the story.

But back to being a smart husband. He looked at the yellow tinted sun visor that I mentioned yesterday. We had installed it correctly according to the instructions. He decided if we reversed the position, it would be perfect - and it is! The only hitch is we cannot use the filter for night driving. We don't drive at night but if we have to in some unforeseen event, we can reverse it and add a couple of boat cushions to the driver's seat.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Raise the Seat!

 I have always thought one of those clear visors that are advertised on TV would be a good thing. When I come out of the "dark" house, the sun seems very bright and that would cut the glare. The separate unit for night driving would be useless. We don't go out at night.

So I saw an ad for one and ordered it. After we put it on the visor and flipped the yellow part down, I needed about six inches added to the height of my seat in the van. The picture on the right showing a truck approaching, is about where ours is blocking the sun - not in my line of sight. I guess if I look up, the sky will be not a glare.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Real iD

I made it to the driver's license office. I had everything I needed.  Social Security card, old driver's license (still good), birth certificate from the hospital, two utility bills.

Nothing was sufficient except the Social Security card and the non-expired driver's license.

The utility bills have Lee's name.

The hospital birth certificate is no good - not issued by the state.

No marriage certificate issued by the state.  I was bummed out. I'll forget the real iD and just get the regular license. She said I could get those things easily by going to the bank and get a statement and going to the third floor of the court house and they will give you a free copy of your marriage certificate. Call the state office in Topeka and they will send you a birth certificate for $20.00.

This lovely and stained document is not good for legal purposes - only for memories!  Who knew?

So I've called Topeka. On another day I'll go to the court house. Some younger persons don't know that about two errands a day are all us oldsters can manage because this afternoon I also went to the clinic to be led around by an oxygen tube and a nice technician to measure my breathing. Verification for O 2.

Now I'll rest till supper time!

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Finding Old Stuff

I was looking for some papers today and naturally found other things I wanted to read.  One was a long quote from a book by Susan Jacoby called Never Say Die.

She was musing about what a person cannot do if they want to be considered aging successfully. (Who judges whether a person is aging successfully? Are there still gossiping old women who do that sort of thing?) "A person cannot complain about health problems to anyone younger; weep openly for a friend or lover who has been dead more than a month or two, admit to depression or loneliness; express nostalgia for the  past; or voice any fear of future dependency because of poor health, poor finances or the worst scourge of old age, Alzheimer's disease. American society also looks with suspicion on old people who demand to be left alone to deal with aging in their own way. One must look neither too needy for companionship nor too content with solitude to be considered a roll model for healthy aging rather than a discontented geezer or crone. It's great  to be old -as long as one does not manifest too many of the typical problems of advanced age."

Well! I can't imagine anyone telling me how to live my life now. I really don't care if American Society thinks I'm aging successfully! I try to do the best I can and fail several times a day.  I respect Ms. Jacoby's right to her opinion but my sister-in-law and I talk every day by Skype and we don't judge others who are aging - well almost never.

Besides, what would we have to talk about if we didn't share our daily happenings and struggle. We are more interested in our boring lives than other people's business!

Monday, March 9, 2020

Early Traffic

We got up early to be at the driver license office at 8:00. Who knew our little town (40,000) had so many people going to work so early? That was more traffic than I have seen for twenty years. Of course, I haven't been out on the streets at that hour in twenty years. Once or twice I have gone to the doughnut shop at 5:00 a.m. but that is without traffic!

We got there too late. All the parking spots were taken and many people were waiting for the doors to open.

I think I'll try again this afternoon.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Peanut Supply

It seems the squirrels were out of peanuts. So we had a trip to the farm store. Let's just say that some cashiers do not count back change and hand it to you in a wad of bills with the coins on top. From now on, I will count my change myself! It was so confusing to only have $20 bills for a $27.04 purchase. (Yes, peanuts are expensive.)

We came out with the right amount, even on the receipt. Except I got more coins back that six cents.

The weather is warm but WINDY.

I, naturally, had to come home and nap after lunch. When I woke up it was 4:44 and I wasn't sure if it was AM or PM. Since it was still light outside, I decided it was afternoon.

Nope. Daylight Saving Time doesn't affect me at all. Same as every other day when I stay up late.

Saturday, March 7, 2020


Since it was warm, we drove to the gas station to fill the van. It's a good thing we don't drive much.
Less that half a tank was $27.00.

The wind has started to blow from the south so we are in a fire danger.

Friday, March 6, 2020

No Excitement Here

Another day with no errands. We just stayed home even though was nice outside - fifty-nine degrees.

I heard an order for meatloaf a few days go so I got that done. For the first time in how many years, I made macaroni and cheese from a recipe. Usually I buy the stuff from the store. I guess this was better but not by much. I halved the recipe and we will have it for several days.

We don't mind leftovers.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

The Christmas Tree Adventure

Last night at 10:30 Lee told me that he thought one of the stray/feral cats living in our garage had gotten into the box with the small Christmas tree.

Luckily it wasn't too cold out there. Out we went with a flash light. I could hear no scratching (but I do have a hearing loss.)  He couldn't hear anything then but he had earlier.

Tip the box half way over. Pull out the tree. Pull out the base. Nothing in there but ornaments plus there were several on the garage floor where they dropped when he pulled the tree out.

We set the box upright and I folded the flaps over it and put a small cooler on top.

That should be good until they get into something else (or not) that we need to investigate.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Slow Mail

A week ago today I sent a puffy envelope to New Jersey. I couldn't believe it didn't arrive by Monday. Well, it finally got to the east coast today with Postage Due stamped on the envelope.

I thought the postman collected postage due amounts at the door. Not in this case. And the amount due was not stamped on the envelope. Maybe the incorrect number of stamps (one) slowed the progress. I guess we'll never know. Maybe one of us will get a bill in the mail for another fifty cents due.

Strange government ways . . .

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

One Down; Three to Go

I saw the dermatologist today. No problems. The last time I was supposed to go in September, the car failed to start. Some plastic hose had slipped off the transmission (?)

Now two more for me and one for Lee.

Such excitement when the only place you go is to the clinic. Oh. And the grocery store.

Beautiful warm day. Middle  60's all week if they are right. So sad about the storm in Tennessee. We heard the sirens blow today for threatening weather and a big red banner on all the tv channels telling us it was a test. That is the only thing I dislike about spring. . . weather watches.

Monday, March 2, 2020


Sunday was a slow day. I am sleeping too much. No naps but I went to bed very early - before the evening meal - and slept right through till this morning. I am glad Lee can find something to eat on his own. He used to cook a lot when I worked (outside the home, that is.)

Today's weather forecast shows the temperature for the coming week as every day being in the sixties.

I'll take that!