Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Real iD

I made it to the driver's license office. I had everything I needed.  Social Security card, old driver's license (still good), birth certificate from the hospital, two utility bills.

Nothing was sufficient except the Social Security card and the non-expired driver's license.

The utility bills have Lee's name.

The hospital birth certificate is no good - not issued by the state.

No marriage certificate issued by the state.  I was bummed out. I'll forget the real iD and just get the regular license. She said I could get those things easily by going to the bank and get a statement and going to the third floor of the court house and they will give you a free copy of your marriage certificate. Call the state office in Topeka and they will send you a birth certificate for $20.00.

This lovely and stained document is not good for legal purposes - only for memories!  Who knew?

So I've called Topeka. On another day I'll go to the court house. Some younger persons don't know that about two errands a day are all us oldsters can manage because this afternoon I also went to the clinic to be led around by an oxygen tube and a nice technician to measure my breathing. Verification for O 2.

Now I'll rest till supper time!


  1. It all seems so ridiculous. I know they have to be so careful these days because so many seem to be untruthful and everyone has to be treated the same, but really, do you look like a criminal? lol
    I hope you are able to get it all taken care of soon.

    1. I don't think I look like a criminal but they took my picture - maybe for a line-up.

  2. Yes the Real ID and Enhanced ID are a real pain. I got mine last Fall it was a hassle for a week rounding up documents. Hope you get your soon:)