Friday, March 20, 2020

New Appliance

This week I received a large box from TX. It contained an air fryer! More about the use of it later.

But! After we had opened the package, I saw a person on TV telling us how to treat a package from Amazon. The virus cannot live longer than twenty-four hours on cardboard. Therefore, leave the package/box outside for the twenty-four. Then, using plastic gloves, open it and dispose of the box.

Hmm. After we opened it, the  box sat on the dining room table for more than twenty-four hours so I guess we are o.k.

This is really not something to joke about but it is funny how we don't think about "stuff."

Stay healthy, you all.


  1. Hope you like your airfryer we cut up potoaes for french fries or wedgies and toss some olive oil over them and then in about 20 minutes you have great tasting potatoes:)

    1. I think I cut these fries too small. The book said 1/4" (!) That's the seam allowance in quilting and I didn't even get them that small. Next time I'll do chunkier.

  2. I didn't thing about "stuff" either until Connie and Deb talked about the mail. Now I'm really paranoid.
    I just rescheduled an appointment with my neurologist for a tele-appointment. That should be interesting. Life is changing isn't it?