Friday, March 13, 2020

My Husband is Very Smart

I've always known that Lee is very intelligent. When he was in the Navy, a superior officer wanted him to apply for officer training school. He knew he didn't want a career in the military - let alone be an officer.

In his job, he was encouraged to go to upper positions but he knew he didn't want to live in a large metropolitan area. He had lived in Chicago as a child and I think he remembered that experience. So we were, and are, content in a smallish town. Once a year it pretends it is Smallville, home of Superman. There are many similarities to the description given in the story.

But back to being a smart husband. He looked at the yellow tinted sun visor that I mentioned yesterday. We had installed it correctly according to the instructions. He decided if we reversed the position, it would be perfect - and it is! The only hitch is we cannot use the filter for night driving. We don't drive at night but if we have to in some unforeseen event, we can reverse it and add a couple of boat cushions to the driver's seat.


  1. You DO have a smart husband. I'm always amazed at how Dennis and I can look at the same thing and come up with totally different solutions. I think it's great though, usually we can figure something out. And he IS much, much smarter than I am.