Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Our Halloween present came yesterday from the south - you didn't know about presents on Halloween? Well, we consider it excitement when one of our off springs visit! The older son had business in a nearby city so he was able to come over here.

Of course, we put him to work immediately. Replacing light bulbs that burn out too soon and hanging the bird feeder that managed to fall down in a wind storm (?)

So nice to see him and we wish the rest of the family could be here - both from the south AND the north.

Sunday, October 28, 2018


On social media there are some strange quizzes. I saw one yesterday that was a test to see if you could recognize cursive letters.

Say what?

I guess in some places they are not teaching cursive writing but has the younger generation already forgotten how to write cursive? Or were they never taught? I don't know when this change started.

Anyway, here is one of the symbols given along with four choices. ( I forgot to write down the choices but see if you can recognize this letter?)

I got 49 out of 49. This one really puzzled me but since it was multiple choice, I was able to eliminate the crazy choices.

Saturday, October 27, 2018


Today I wore my Tucson sweat shirt to the grocery store. The cute little cashier said, "I like your shirt.." This shirt was given to me by my daughter - in - law when they lived in Arizona. If I remember correctly this was before any grandchildren were on the scene. And the oldest one will be twenty-eight in December.

The shirt has held up well.

Friday, October 26, 2018

More Memories

Later we put in a real pool (1978.) In later years we had to put in a new plastic liner. I think this is a photo of that new liner. We really enjoyed the pool until one year while we were using a new treatment, it turned green! What a mess that was. The more I realize now how dangerous it can be for little kids to succumb to "dry drowning," I am glad we didn't get this until our guys were in their late teens.
Many years later we thought about filling it in but discovered that would be more expensive that building it in the first place! When we sold the house we were told that having a pool would not be a good selling point. We were so lucky. The first person who viewed the place wanted it to give swimming lessons. He was a coach at the high school and he bought it for our asking price!
How lucky can you get?

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Childhood Days

This is our younger son and a neighbor girl. He grew up to be a computer guy and she grew up to be a movie star! What a fun neighborhood we had. At one time there seventeen kids on our side of the street in six houses! Never a dull moment. No sidewalks were built and we were they only ones who wouldn't let our kids ride their bikes in the street. Very mean parents. They probably did when we weren't watching. However, the kitchen was on the front of the house so I could look out and see the street!
I remember frequent squabbles and disagreements but mostly they all played and got along. I hope they all have good memories!
We even had an above ground  pool for a while. For some reason, my husband decided we didn't need it and took it back to Sears. He told them he was there to test their return policy. They took it back.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Not Quite Halloween -

But the Christmas balls are out at Lowe's!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

More Crochet Stuff

I used to think the little dress was a pot holder but I think it's too small. There is also a crochet chain stitch on the back for hanging it on a hook.  The ball on the left is meant to be used as a dish cloth. I tried to count stitches and duplicate it. The results are on the right. It didn't work out - I think I used a treble instead of a double stitch.
I have no idea who made either of these originals.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Infant Dress from 1917

This dress was given to me by my birth grandmother. I met her late in her life and she gave me several things that had belonged to my birth mother. Both her daughter and my real mother had passed away and through a happenstance, the birth grandmother and I crossed paths. We met and had several visits. She outlived two of her children and died at age 97.

At first I thought this dress was hand embroidered There is no label at the neckline and no sign of there ever being one. The more I look at it, I believe it may have been embroidered by machine. Did they even have machines to do that in 1917?

Later: After Googling the embroidery machine, it was invented very early in the 1800's and finally became perfected about 1846. Who knew?

Sunday, October 21, 2018

More Needlework

This is a knit top that I had as a kid. I do believe that Violet Hampton Dewey made this one. I don't remember specifically wearing this but I do remember that anything knit made my neck itch.

I wonder why I kept these things?

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Another Old Child's Dress

This crocheted dress was one of my possessions! I don't remember wearing it. The size seems to be for a three or four year old. The sad thing is that I don't know for sure who made it. My dad's cousin, Violet Hampton Dewey, was a knitter but I don't know if she crocheted. Whoever made it, did a very nice job.

More old clothes tomorrow. (Can you tell there is not much happening around here?)

Friday, October 19, 2018

Dress from the '30's

This was my best dress from the 1930's. It looks as though it might fit a two year old.  I don't know why the camera took it sideways. The color is between a pink and an orange. I believe it was originally pink.

With the flash, it looks more like I think it probably looked when new! I do not remember wearing this but my mom kept it and I am keeping it too. There is a tiny little snap up on the shoulder where the ribbons are attached.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A Loser

Yesterday we decided to get carry out for lunch. We had seen some advertising on tv for a nationally known restaurant which offered three "new" pasta dishes.  The stuffed rigatoni looked really good.

We ordered, were given a time and were there one minute late. We waited. And waited. Seven minutes later the employee brought the item to the car. We paid and drove home which is about half a mile.  The car was warm since we had the colder temperatures yesterday. We were using the heater!

I opened the container and was disappointed. The pasta looked sad and rubbery. There was very little sauce. I dished it up. It was not warm through. After a trip to the microwave we had lunch.

That was the worst thing I have had at that particular café. So I filled out a review form.

Today I got a phone call from the company. She wanted to give us a coupon for a free meal after she had me describe the meal. I told her no. I didn't do it for that reason. This was the first time I had had such a bad deal from them and I thought they should know.  She then casually mentioned that they have had mixed reviews on the rigatoni! After more refusals from me for a free meal, she said the next time I go, tell them and they will give me a free dessert "or something."

Not likely.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


We have a traditional phone, also called a land line, and two cell phones.

Every time it rains, the house phone loses its dial tone, has static and a pathetic little beeping noise as if it's in pain.

So then we use the cells. Many years ago we checked on getting out of the "bundle" for tv, internet and phone service. The price would go up because we would not get the special deal.

So today I called my service provider. We have had seven inches of rain in the last two weeks and intermittent phone service.

Wow! Now our bill will not go up. Instead of paying $35.00 for the phone as listed on the statement, we would have a total bill minus $2.20 cents.

This would mean we would have to get a different modem that is only for internet and change out the old one.

I guess we'll leave it that way it is. What a deal!

Monday, October 15, 2018


We didn't leave the house today! We had a new record low of 27 degrees. There was enough snow to stay on the grass and leaves.

Tonight there is still snow on the railing on the back porch! I thought it would melt.

I managed to nap after lunch and this evening we popped popcorn and watched most of the game between Green Bay and San Francisco. Luckily I watched the last few minutes. What a performance by Rodgers and the team. Win!

Sunday, October 14, 2018


With cold mist arriving with wind, we had to go to the store.

Lee went in and did the shopping for what he needed/wanted. The parking at this super market is straight in - no angle parking. I looked to both sides, directly back and again to the sides when we were leaving. I hear a loud horn so I hit the brakes. There was a car directly behind me that had come from my left. I had just looked that direction so she must have been moving right along.

We do not like straight in parking. I don't know whether they were able to get more spaces in doing it that way as opposed to angle spots.

Now this evening it's down to 36 degrees and we have light snow. No accumulation is expected but it is visible on the grass.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

SWB Reunion

Today was a reunion for former employees of Southwestern Bell. A wonderful bunch of women worked hard to provide food, entertainment and fellowship  at the Delos Smith Jr. Senior center.

Committees don't get enough credit for what they do. It was a great time to see the folks who used to sit side by side and say, "Number, please" and later "This is (operator's name.) I can't remember if we added, "May I help you?"

I worked a cord board in Russell, Kansas for almost two years in 1952 and 1953. Many years later after working at a PBX at Hutchinson's Grace Hospital (Hutchinson Hospital South and Hutchinson Hospital) I went to SWB. When Hutchinson converted to dial, we went from a cord board to digital consoles. I wish I had a photo to share. I liked the job and we needed to be polite. Sometimes we took verbal outbursts from frustrated customers but it was a good job with good pay.

Today we ate fried chicken, green beans, mashed taters and gravy - good old non fancy food.

And we had fun.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Peasant Bread

After a couple of days of feeling too tired to do almost anything, I felt so much better today that I decided to make this rustic loaf again. I have this wonderful yellow Guy Fiero pot that M and E gave me and it gets heated to 450 degrees before you put the dough in it!

It turned out to be tasty but when the lady on YouTube says it's crusty, she's not kidding. My knives and I had a problem cutting the bottom crust. But with butter it was all worth it.

Here is a link to the instructions.:

Very easy to do.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Registered Mail

Today the doorbell rang and it was the postman. Since the dog got out yesterday when we had a guest, I grabbed her collar while she was up on the couch and barely opened the door.

He had a registered letter for me! Wow. I signed twice, once on one of those things that make your cursive look like hen scratches, and once with a regular pen.

The dog did not get out and I must always have a death grip on her collar from now on.
I would really like a Dutch door so I could keep the bottom half closed and still talk to whoever is there. We don't get many people coming to the door except ones to sell Girl Scout cookies of religion.

Oh. The registered letter was to tell me I need to have my doctor just give me some breathing tests to assure that I still need the use of oxygen at night. I just had that test in September so the nurse advises we are good and she will fax them the information. I'm good for another five years of 02.

I now know that it costs $6.67 to send a registered letter locally.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Duplicate Available

Last week I realized I hadn't made my "peasant bread" in my fantastic yellow Dutch oven for several months. It's a fun and easy recipe but it calls for parchment paper. There was none in my aluminum foil, wax paper, plastic baggy drawer.

So on the next trip to the grocery store I picked up a package of their brand (Kroger) of the paper. I remember I had bought Reynolds or some well known name before but didn't see any on the shelf.

I came home and put everything away. The large flat box would not fit in the drawer. Too large and too thick to let the drawer close. I opened the cabinet drawer below and thought I could stand it up there where it would be easy to find.

It was easy to see because there was already the exact same package of parchment paper, standing up on end, unopened. I have plenty of parchment paper now.

As a dear friend from high school, Wilma "Perky" Perks used to say on her local radio show, "I do miss my mind."

Sunday, October 7, 2018


I was in a place of business last week where they have an information desk.

So I stopped and asked about a possible upcoming event which involved the retirement of one of the employees.

Her eyes got big. Her mouth fell open. It was quite obvious that she had not heard the news.

I felt terrible. Who knew that the information lady would not know?? I was told by the employee so I didn't think it was a secret.

Unintended consequences.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Another Lights (computers) Out

Yesterday I went to the store to pick up a couple of things I forgot the day before.

I managed to stay under the fifteen or less number so I could go through the speedy lane.

As I walked toward the cashiers, there seemed to be a large crowd of shopping baskets and people in the area. Then came the announcement over a loud speaker that is sometimes hard to understand: "All our registers are down. We are working quickly to fix the problem."

This was interesting. As more and more people had finished shopping, they were arriving at the front of the store. I had left my phone in the car with Lee. So no photos! Even after I asked a nice lady to watch my cart and I walked to our van to tell my husband what was going on, I didn't think to bring it in and take a photo. Once in a lifetime opportunity. The clerk told me she had been there five years and it was the first time that this had happened.
It was a very crowded area and I and others had held back leaving space for others to walk by who were still shopping. You guessed it. A couple came up from the side and got right in front of me. I remained where I was realizing they didn't know where the line was! As the process began, they left that line and went to the next register so we checked out at about the same time. Everyone was cheerful and making new acquaintances.

Then one of the employees (I call them floor walkers) made another announcement: "Free cookies while you wait." He brought packages of cookies and began breaking them open and offering free cookies to everyone.

I thought a better idea was just to let everyone with less than fifteen items take whatever they had in their cart and depart. Free food!!!

After about half an hour, the technicians had done their stuff and we were on our way.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Lights Out

We have a small bulb in the hall light. We let it burn day and night to light the area.
This morning as left the house, I turned off the lights and TV, I switched off the hall light.

When we returned home, Lee asked why the hall light was not on. I said I just turned it off with the rest of the lights.

He flipped the switch. No light. It seems these fancy new spirally bulbs don't last for "years."

Monday, October 1, 2018

Stay At Home Monday

We did not leave the house today. I did the few things I have to do - dishes, food, bring in the paper.

Most importantly, a nap so I can stay awake for the Chiefs game at 7:15.

Still tied at 9:05.