Saturday, October 6, 2018

Another Lights (computers) Out

Yesterday I went to the store to pick up a couple of things I forgot the day before.

I managed to stay under the fifteen or less number so I could go through the speedy lane.

As I walked toward the cashiers, there seemed to be a large crowd of shopping baskets and people in the area. Then came the announcement over a loud speaker that is sometimes hard to understand: "All our registers are down. We are working quickly to fix the problem."

This was interesting. As more and more people had finished shopping, they were arriving at the front of the store. I had left my phone in the car with Lee. So no photos! Even after I asked a nice lady to watch my cart and I walked to our van to tell my husband what was going on, I didn't think to bring it in and take a photo. Once in a lifetime opportunity. The clerk told me she had been there five years and it was the first time that this had happened.
It was a very crowded area and I and others had held back leaving space for others to walk by who were still shopping. You guessed it. A couple came up from the side and got right in front of me. I remained where I was realizing they didn't know where the line was! As the process began, they left that line and went to the next register so we checked out at about the same time. Everyone was cheerful and making new acquaintances.

Then one of the employees (I call them floor walkers) made another announcement: "Free cookies while you wait." He brought packages of cookies and began breaking them open and offering free cookies to everyone.

I thought a better idea was just to let everyone with less than fifteen items take whatever they had in their cart and depart. Free food!!!

After about half an hour, the technicians had done their stuff and we were on our way.


  1. One day at our grocery store the card readers were down, they said cash or checks only:) Most people were leaving and going cookies there:(

  2. We use cash so I'd have no problem there! We are so old fashioned! Use card to withdraw $$ from ATM though!