Monday, September 30, 2019

New Project

Since the afghan is done (yay!) I started with the next fun thing.

The Scrubby yarn came yesterday so this morning between other stuff, I started making more.

They are addictive.

Saturday, September 28, 2019


I got an email. My package arrived in Hutchinson at 4:00 a.m. It  has now arrived at our house. So that meant it was only a week and a day since I ordered. That is not so bad. Can't wait to make more scrubbies.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Slow Delivery

I ordered some merchandise a week ago today. The website said 2-7 days. I got a notice that it was shipped from Wisconsin to St. Louis in two days. That would put it in St. Louis on Wednesday. I was hoping it would arrive today or tomorrow.

Today the notice says October 2nd.

It's a long, long way from Missouri to Kansas.

There was a notice that a longer time was needed for orders out of the United States. Counting from the day I ordered it, it will be thirteen days.

Looking forward to it.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Ain't there a Law?

A sight seen while out on a brief errand this morning.

A young woman stopped beside us at a red light with her left arm hanging out the window holding a cigarette. Her right hand was holding a phone, tilted on its side so she could hear and in front of her lips.

It's too bad that we were in the left turn lane so we couldn't see how she steered when her light turned green.

Some days I wish I were a police woman.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The Days Roll By

Here it is Tuesday. I missed two days on the blog.  Somehow my days and nights have been switched. Awake late and sleeping during the day.

Last night I went to bed early and this morning I'm up early.

I hope to keep this pattern going.

We are still too warm for this late in September.  I wonder if we will have a mild winter or just jump into very cold days.

Still working on the afghan which was neglected while I made a bunch of scrubbies to send east.
I found the sparkly yarn online so I ordered some. It should arrive this week.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Quiet Saturday

Feeling a little "off" last night. Maybe I sat too long. But I did do my exercises.

Here is a picture of our back yard today. The one below is ten years ago. What happened?

It's a jungle out there.

Some day I'm going to learn how to put the oldest picture first.

Friday, September 20, 2019


Today I went to a big store that has a big W on the front - not Woolworth's.  I needed one item and luckily the door where we parked was close to that area of the store where the French Vanilla creamer is located.

I walked to the back of the store and returned to the front. I could not believe it. All the check-outs were do it yourself. There may have been three cashiers but they were halfway to the next block. So I used the self serve.

There were at least three employees chatting there. I assumed they were there to help old codgers like me scan their items. I asked one when she stopped talking if she would help me. She scanned the item and pointed where I should insert the bill. (I know this isn't hard. I can do it. I just don't work there and want them to do their job.) She put the creamer in a sack. I got my dollar bill, silver change, receipt and started to walk away.

See? It drives me nuts.

I had forgotten the creamer.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Thursday - Pigs in a Blanket Day

We were having another hot day so we didn't mind staying home. We were called by the garage and they advised one part didn't arrive. So we may get the car tomorrow.

I had stuff to make hot dogs in crescent rolls. Not very healthy but Lee likes them once in a while.

So that was about the only important thing I did today - make lunch and supper.  For breakfast Lee makes coffee and we don't eat much. That makes for an early lunch.

Oh, I did make some more scrubbies.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Talk About Luck!

I went out to the garage to go to a doctor appointment, I started the car and tried to put the van in gear. The gear shift was free floating. No reverse. No drive. No nothing.

Called Triple A. Called to cancel Dr. appt.  Called Ford garage.

The tow truck was to be here in about an hour.

Came back in the house and the tow truck appeared. He wondered how he would get it out. He would be dragging the tires.

He got underneath and found a plastic connector had slipped off the cable to the gear shift. Put it back on. It worked!

Then he followed me to the garage, came in and explained it to the service guy better than I could. I can't praise AAA enough right now.

I got a ride home in their complimentary car. We got a call an hour later. No parts till tomorrow and that will be $500 please.

We were lucky we weren't in traffic somewhere. Also lucky that we can afford it - although there go the big bucks we were going to put in the savings this month.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium

This was the name of a book, written years ago by someone who was on a tour of Europe.

This morning I woke up early, showered and dressed in clothes that I wear outside the home - not the usual, jeans or sweat pants and t-shirt. I was all prepared for my appointment with the dermatologist at 9:15!

 I don't know what time it hit me. The appointment is Wednesday.

Later: I checked the Google machine and it was actually a cartoon and then a movie, probably the first movie made from a line on a cartoon.

Sunday, September 15, 2019


First we had dogs. Then someone gave Lee a bird feeder. Birds and squirrels arrived.

More recently cats arrived in the neighborhood. Food bowls are being set out in front of the garage door which attract ants in addition to the cats. The garage door is now left part way open after an early morning surprise of a cat shut in the garage overnight.

With easy access to the area of coolness, a snake arrived. Lee spotted him making his way under the work bench.

Maybe said snake will get rid of some of the mice attracted there by the birdseed spilled on the floor.

And the door is still open about a foot - in order to let the snake get out.

How will we ever know?

A few ants have made their way into the kitchen.

I'm not blaming all this on the bird feeder, but one wonders.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Friday the Thirteenth

So far so good today - the 13th and a full moon! Except after a long nap, I felt "nicht so gut."

Now I have recovered.

I just heard the beautiful words Champs-Elysees on television.
I remember when I saw it in a book, I pronounced it champs uh lee sees.

And I read the big little book printed after the Shirley Temple movie, The Littlest Rebel. As I read it to my folks, the work "damn" came out "dam en" and I wondered why they smiled.

You can tell there's not much going on here when I write about mispronounced words.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Fair Attendance

I hope the numbers are good for the fair. The weather has been ideal. Not too hot now and there is no  rain yet. Some showers are in the forecast.

I had planned to stay home most of the week. That didn't last long. So far someone has had an errand that had to be run THAT DAY and THAT day was the first, second, third, fourth and fifth day of the state fair. The traffic has not been nearly as heavy as I thought it would be. Maybe we have just been out at the right time - not when the folks were all arriving or leaving!

Today it was house slippers from Walmart. He wears twelves. I went in and saw so many house shoes on the racks that I was amazed. The twelves looked too small so I got size 13/14. Got home and they were too small. Maybe sizes in other countries don't match up with our big feet.

Soooo I had seen that there was a shoe drive at the local grade school, Graber, where our sons went to elementary.  I called and asked if the drive were still on and did they take house slippers. Yes and yes. I also had a pair of cute shoes that I liked but never wore so I took them too. (They said slightly worn.) Hope someone with size 11/12 can wear the camouflage donation.  . .I thought the dog hair would be less visible on that design.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Stay Alert - Be Aware

Sometimes I think we must be in the high ten most frequent customers at the pharmacy.

Today we had another new RX  for Lee after seeing our doctor. We get our medicine at the clinic where we see the physician. Through some error it was sent to a grocery pharmacy where we had ONE prescription filled over Labor Day week-end. When we went to pick up the antibiotic which we had never had before, the clerk told us it couldn't be refilled until the 18th. Say what? We had never purchased this particular drug before.

Through some convoluted error, it had been sent to the wrong place and perhaps when they saw the name, they thought it was a refill for the item we got on the first of September.

I know mistakes can be made. I sure make a lot of them. But I don't work in a pharmacy!!!

It was all straightened out but not before a lot of worrying and gnashing of teeth by the patient. (None of that was displayed before the employee, thank goodness.)

It reminded me of the time when our older son was stationed in KY. The three year old granddaughter was ill. We went to the pharmacy to pick up the RX and they gave us a bottle with huge capsules. It should have been a liquid. Luckily we looked at it before we left the parking lot and got the correct dose.

Check and re-check!

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Saturday - Already?

Where do the days go? Well, partly with me napping. Some days the most minor of jobs needs some sleep time afterwards.

Today Lee brought in the mail. It included a puffy package from the north. What nice people bloggers are!! Thanks a very nice lady who knew I was looking for sparkly yarn. I'll be busy neglecting the afghan again.

The weather is ideal for the start of the Kansas State Fair here. I prefer to hunker down and avoid the traffic. We're used to our local law breakers. No telling what the outsiders will do.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Feeding the Creatures

My husband loves dogs and well, animals. He enjoys feeding them. In fact, Jill is on a diet. We have had a running battle about feeding the two dogs from his plate at meal time. I mostly lost that war. The vet told him not to do it - several times. But this time we were going along pretty well after we saw an enlargement on her flank. Thinking it might be a growth or worse a tumor, we took her for a visit to Dr. A. Nope. Just a love handle. He said there was one on the other side.

So that worked on the table treats for a  while. It has been a month, but he can't stand to see them watch him eat so he has fallen back to "bites." We think she has lost seven or eight pounds. Our son held her but I was not skillful on setting the scale so it wasn't definite.

Next, he loves to feed the squirrels and the birds by filling the bird feeder with shelled peanuts and bird seed. When we go to the grocery store, the parking lot is full of grackles (?) looking for something to eat. Last week L. threw out some French fries and the birds were strutting around with fries in their beaks. I don't know if they ever ate them or not. Since L. stays in the car while I shop, he sees all the activity.

Today when I came out, the space next to the car was full of birds. I told the bag boy that the birds have found some seeds.  I got in the car and mentioned it to L.  He had bought a plastic cup filled with bird seed and had sprinkled it out the window.

And  last, we are now feeding at least three cats who do not appear to be strays. While they eat in front of the garage, the dogs are up on the couch, looking out the window and barking their irritating barks. I wonder if the cats' owners notice their pets aren't hungry - or are the kitties eating at home too and gaining weight?

What's left? Raccoons, coyotes, deer?  I may have to put my foot down.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The Big Blue Bowl

Today was the day to make Lee's favorite - tuna casserole. I have a large bowl that I mix it in because I need a really big bowl.
So opened the cupboard to get it out. No blue bowl. The search was on. I knew that some very dear people were here last week and they cooked us a delicious meal. Now where would they have stashed the bowl?
I looked in  pantry/every cupboard. In the last lower cupboard I found it, holding a pie plate!

It's funny when you have a spot picked out for something, you think it should be right there.

The casserole is done and Lee just said, "It's delicious!"

Monday, September 2, 2019

W 2

These are hard to read but they indicated that in 1948 I earned $380.60 at Kress five and dime store and paid $14.65 in income taxes.
The next year $468.92 and the tax was$15.45.

Ah, the good old days. We didn't make much but nothing cost very much.

Sunday, September 1, 2019


I hate to say it but for several weeks (years) our van's steering wheel had a sticky spot. I put tape on it and it looked really classy - a bright blue to contrast with the black wheel.
While PN was here, he drove the van and discovered it was sticky, even with the tape solution.
Lee told him we had been going to buy one. Off to Walmart and we had a new cover! They were going to surprise me. I got into the van and saw this cardboard between the seats. My first thought was it was one of those things they used to put in a dress shirt that was for sale. (We haven't bought any dress shirts in some time so I don't know if they still do that or not.)
I turned it over and the big red letters identified it as a wheel cover. Then I saw the steering wheel. It looked like leather! Very thick and very black.
I am very happy.

PN just texted this photo to me and asked if I wanted the blue sticky tape from the steering wheel back?