Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The Days Roll By

Here it is Tuesday. I missed two days on the blog.  Somehow my days and nights have been switched. Awake late and sleeping during the day.

Last night I went to bed early and this morning I'm up early.

I hope to keep this pattern going.

We are still too warm for this late in September.  I wonder if we will have a mild winter or just jump into very cold days.

Still working on the afghan which was neglected while I made a bunch of scrubbies to send east.
I found the sparkly yarn online so I ordered some. It should arrive this week.


  1. I've been falling asleep by 8 and awake at 3 or 4. Driving hubby crazy, he likes company in the evenings.
    Do you like working with the sparkly yarn? I haven't tried it yet.

    1. It's different! And it takes some getting used to. Someone said it was hard on her hands. I didn't find that but it to took a while to be comfortable with it.

  2. It's been very hard for us to adjust to the humidity here in Omaha this week. It's the best part of living near the mountains in the high desert of Spokane. No humidity to speak of.
    I don't mind sparkly yarn. I made all of the mini-stockings for the Veterans Home out of it.

  3. I got a very nice package in the mail, the potholders are just perfect...too pretty to use! Thank you so much!
    I had my days and nights confused when I was fighting off this cold, I am feeling more myself today:)

    1. I just now (Thursday) saw your reply! Hope you are Much Better by now. You are welcome. Please use them. I like them because they are so thick.