Friday, September 13, 2019

Friday the Thirteenth

So far so good today - the 13th and a full moon! Except after a long nap, I felt "nicht so gut."

Now I have recovered.

I just heard the beautiful words Champs-Elysees on television.
I remember when I saw it in a book, I pronounced it champs uh lee sees.

And I read the big little book printed after the Shirley Temple movie, The Littlest Rebel. As I read it to my folks, the work "damn" came out "dam en" and I wondered why they smiled.

You can tell there's not much going on here when I write about mispronounced words.


  1. :) Thanks for the smile this morning:)

  2. I took German in high school so I could talk with my grandma and make my cousins wonder what we were saying . . . I remember more than once she chuckled when I mispronounced words. Haha! Friday the 13th was good for us as it's our [step]granddaughter's 4th birthday and she had such a great day!

  3. Nothing exciting happened to us on the 13th. Thank goodness. We began the process of closing the trailer today. We're home unloading food, outside chairs etc. We'll go back after church tomorrow and finish winterizing it and covering it up. Kind of sad.
    Dennis took me to the Champs-Elysees about 15 years or so ago. It was a memorable trip and I enjoyed it so much. We walked and walked and walked. Dare I say that I much preferred London and the English countryside over France? We may be returning to England next year to attend a wedding. Please pray for huge improvement in my back by then.