Sunday, September 15, 2019


First we had dogs. Then someone gave Lee a bird feeder. Birds and squirrels arrived.

More recently cats arrived in the neighborhood. Food bowls are being set out in front of the garage door which attract ants in addition to the cats. The garage door is now left part way open after an early morning surprise of a cat shut in the garage overnight.

With easy access to the area of coolness, a snake arrived. Lee spotted him making his way under the work bench.

Maybe said snake will get rid of some of the mice attracted there by the birdseed spilled on the floor.

And the door is still open about a foot - in order to let the snake get out.

How will we ever know?

A few ants have made their way into the kitchen.

I'm not blaming all this on the bird feeder, but one wonders.


  1. Ha! Ha! Ha! That's how it works. Remember the childrens book, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?"
    I hope things improve and the snake especially disappears. That would be my tipping point. I detest snakes.

    1. They don't bother me if I know they are a harmless garter snake but I don't want to see a rattler or cotton mouth any place!

  2. Ack I hate sssnakes...I cannot tolerate them, hopefully yours escapes...but like Betsy said how do you really know?