Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Fair Attendance

I hope the numbers are good for the fair. The weather has been ideal. Not too hot now and there is no  rain yet. Some showers are in the forecast.

I had planned to stay home most of the week. That didn't last long. So far someone has had an errand that had to be run THAT DAY and THAT day was the first, second, third, fourth and fifth day of the state fair. The traffic has not been nearly as heavy as I thought it would be. Maybe we have just been out at the right time - not when the folks were all arriving or leaving!

Today it was house slippers from Walmart. He wears twelves. I went in and saw so many house shoes on the racks that I was amazed. The twelves looked too small so I got size 13/14. Got home and they were too small. Maybe sizes in other countries don't match up with our big feet.

Soooo I had seen that there was a shoe drive at the local grade school, Graber, where our sons went to elementary.  I called and asked if the drive were still on and did they take house slippers. Yes and yes. I also had a pair of cute shoes that I liked but never wore so I took them too. (They said slightly worn.) Hope someone with size 11/12 can wear the camouflage donation.  . .I thought the dog hair would be less visible on that design.


  1. Isn't that the way? Just when you think you can stay home all kinds of things come up. I bought Dennis a pair of slippers and had the same problem. Way too small. I took them back and exchanged them for a much bigger size. He has never worn anything that big before so I definitely think it's a sizing issue.

  2. We try to avoid driving in the area of the Fair during this week as much as possible. Doesn't always work, though. And yes, why are slippers always so hard to fit?! Every time we buy new ones our feet seem to change sizes! LOL! ♥