Saturday, March 21, 2020

Good News

There are some stories about restaurants donating food that they aren't selling to feed people who aren't working.

A restaurant in New York City had eight hundred pounds of chicken nuggets that they couldn't sell so they made some of their recipes and gave them to people who are distributing food.

One name that caught my eye was Captain Crunk Nugs which are rolled in Captain Crunch cereal.
In the long ago time of CB radio, Lee was Captain Crunch. Those were crazy times - listening to strangers on the radio.

Now we meet strangers on social media and they become friends!


  1. That's a great thing to be doing. We are hearing of generosity abounding in the midst of all of this.
    Captain Crunch! I used to love that cereal as a child. We rarely got it so it as a very special treat.

  2. We were trying to recall what our handles were back in the CB has totally escaped us. See you have a great memory!

    1. I was the Operator (PBX at hospital and later for AT & T) One son was The Driver and the other son wasn't into CBing as much.

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  4. I don't remember why his handle was Captain Crunch!