Monday, March 9, 2020

Early Traffic

We got up early to be at the driver license office at 8:00. Who knew our little town (40,000) had so many people going to work so early? That was more traffic than I have seen for twenty years. Of course, I haven't been out on the streets at that hour in twenty years. Once or twice I have gone to the doughnut shop at 5:00 a.m. but that is without traffic!

We got there too late. All the parking spots were taken and many people were waiting for the doors to open.

I think I'll try again this afternoon.


  1. I think the word has gotten out to be there at opening time. Maybe you're wise to go in the afternoon and it won't be so busy? :-)
    I'm amazed at how much our traffic has increased in the just past few years.

  2. 40.000 is a little town! We have a little town 4.021 and that might be counting some summer people:)