Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Mark up Another Eight Weeks

This is the date to get my IV for boosting my immunity.  Two months ago it may not have worked as well as it could have.

The nurses in infusion are so nice, friendly and efficient. That makes the trip more enjoyable. Today she only had to stab me twice. It's not her fault. Small veins and they roll. The record was five tries. I had gauze and coban all over my arms.

I try to grab a chair with a tv so I don't miss the show my sister-in-law and I watch and then cuss and discuss. I think we watch it so we can feel more normal.

Nice day today - in the 80's.


  1. I hope it works for you! Infusion nurses here rarely miss...but the blood takers are not so good:( :)

  2. Wow! It's the opposite here. The nurses are good but at times they had to call the lab people and they made the connection just fine. Strange!