Sunday, May 6, 2018

4:40 A.M.

What you do not want to hear at 4:40 a.m. - the dog is barking.

That's what I heard. So, out of bed, down the hall, grab the treat canister, and clang the lid to the can.

This usually brings Jill running in.  Not this time. I opened the sliding door so she could hear the noise. Finally she made it. I gave her a treat, put the doggy door in place and went back to bed.
She preceded me down the hall and took her place on the same bed.

A few minutes later she jumped down and left. This means she is going to lie down in the hall or near the dog exit. I could not believe it when I heard her bark again - loudly at first and then farther and farther away. She had gone out the sliding door which I forgot to CLOSE.

Some days get off to a better start than others.

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