Saturday, May 5, 2018


 A trip out past the airport to see the "fly-in." The parking lot was full and additional parking was on the grass. We drove on by and saw no military planes.

Next to the feed store to buy shelled peanuts. Ten pounds weighs more and costs more than I had imagined. Carrying ten pounds tends to throw one off balance. I should have tried balancing it on my head for better navigating. I hope no one in the area thought I had been drinking. I had; but only coffee.

Next to the pet store for dog food. I'll swear. The animals eat almost better than we do.

And then to the huge market place. For the first time, ever, there were no carts OR baskets. I trudged on with two boxes of dog bones with a coupon, a pound of hamburger, an onion and as a last straw, the free bag of Doritos.

Luckily nothing was dropped except the onion. It fell onto the box holding the Doritos. We made it out fine.

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  1. No buggies for shoppers? I would have turned around and gone home. You are braver than me! :)