Monday, May 28, 2018


Yesterday was another day of not much going on. We did run one errand in the 84 degree heat. There was a breeze so it was pretty refreshing. Later in the day it got MUCH warmer.

Trying to rest, I went to bed about  6:30 and slept until midnight when the dog who is a pest started barking. Just one little bark so I figured the doggy door was in place and she couldn't get out. Nope. She was just making noise. Back to bed and she decided to go outside and let the neighbors know she was awake. Back to the door, rattling the cannister lid with the treats was the next step. You can call her forever but she answers to metal on metal if it's the treat can.

I slept some more after that until about 5:00. I think maybe the rest is helping. I am contemplating buying something OTC for mucous.  If this takes a month to get over, my month is almost up.

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  1. Mucinex sometimes helps. Did you try Pineapple juice? remember to breathe deeply many times a day! Hot here too. unseasonable warm for us:)