Friday, June 1, 2018

Scan and Go

A trip to Wally World this morning for one skein of café latte colored yarn to finish another afghan.

The store was not crowded even though the parking lot was full - as it always is.

I got my yarn and headed toward the check out lanes. There were seven self service lanes open.
Two were occupied. At the two open check out lanes with humans ringing up merchandise, there were lines with four or five people in each line. In conversations with two people behind me, we agreed we'd rather stand in line and wait than "do it ourselves."

Are we just old fashioned? Yes. Do we like human contact? Yes.

I don't know what we will do when they have phased out all the humans and we have to use the Scan and Go option.

As I saw on the internet, "If I want to Scan and Go, I'll stay home and order from Amazon."


  1. We always use scan and go at Wally less germy person handling our groceries. I wish our main grocery store had the self scans I would sure use it there our case the less human contact the better:)

    1. Our grocery (Krogers but still named Dillons after the man who started small and ended up large in Kansas) has them. It seems they have caught on there.