Wednesday, June 13, 2018


We actually got some things done yesterday before it reached the 90's. Lee mowed and I helped him dig out the wet grass from under the mower. Think green cement.

I vacuumed the back screened in porch. The bag was very full. We had trouble removing it to put in a new bag! ( I  said "we." I should have said "Lee.")

Skype is not reliable headed east from here to New Jersey. My sister-in-law and I wrestle with it every day.
However, from here to California, it is perfect. Can't explain that oddity. On the other hand, it seems like a miracle that we can call and see each other and chat - for free. Remember LD? That's Long Distance for you non-operators. And it cost extra! We Number Please women were a dying breed in the 80's and now there are very few PBX (Private Branch Exchange) operators who answer calls at businesses. Time Marches On.

I did watch some historic television very early in the morning. Perhaps I needed time for a nap, but I made it through to an early bedtime. I wonder what it would be like to keep regular hours.


  1. Strange about skype being good in one area and not in another. I am not familiar with Skype but my husband Face Times his sister and they have some good talks:)