Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Big Wind

We had a fast storm blow through our town last night. There was some thunder and we looked outside and the rain was horizontal. Very strong winds. Some later said it was a microburst. I'm not sure if that has been confirmed.

We lost power about 6:10. The battery radio reported 9000 without power in the north part of our city. One entire mile of wooden light poles were blown over on forty-third between Plum Street and Mayfield Road, for you locals.

Our power returned about 8:15. Luckily the temperature went down with the rain and had started back up by eight so we never got too warm in the house.

Thanks to all those electricians who climb the poles (when they are still standing!) A hard job in all kinds of weather. My dad was a lineman and later the head of a crew. He would get called out at night.  I have always wondered why we don't have more lines underground. Some new areas do and lots of places in Texas have that situation. An electrician friend told me it's harder to find an outage underground. That makes sense but I would think there would be fewer problems.

More thunderstorms forecast for today and tomorrow. We need the rain but could do with less wind.


  1. Our power is run underground from the main road, and we still have power outages...maybe a few less that when we had wires in the air! :)

  2. I'm glad you got your power back on quickly. It seems like every time we lose power, it takes days and days before it comes back.