Friday, June 15, 2018


Yesterday we had a long wait at the clinic due to a fax mix-up. I was people watching which we used to do on a Saturday night when I was a kid. Drive uptown, find a parking place and watch the people walk by. The stores were open late only on Saturdays.

As I saw the people come and go to check in at the lab, I really couldn't believe how some of them were dressed. Short, flimsy shorts that were almost too short on a lady who couldn't be a day under sixty. A tee shirt dress on a very pregnant young woman. I could go on.

Then I realized I was sitting there in my sweat pants with a fairly nice blouse. I forgot to change into my nice slacks before we left the house. (Someone keeps the temp very low.)

Judge not.


  1. I have gone out several times and discovered I had my shirt on wrong side out! So much for me being high fashion!