Sunday, June 2, 2019

Witness to a Wreck

I went to Walmart early to buy more yarn. They really run out of each color quickly. Or maybe they just don't keep their counters full and there is more in the store room. So I substituted.

As I was headed west and stopped at a light at East 17th Street and Hiway K61, two motorcycles went by headed south. Suddenly they collided! Right in front of me.  I'm not sure if the one that was passing on the right swerved into the one on the left or the guy on the left started to change lanes. The next thing I saw was a man thrown from his bike and rolling across the westbound lane of 17th Street. His bike had somehow turned right was proceeding west down the eastbound lane of 17th, barely missing a car. The traffic light was still red for me so I saw the bike head to the right and end up on the curb of the westbound lane. The man who was thrown from that bike was walking toward it. Luckily there was no traffic in that lane for the run away bike to contact!

The light changed to green for me so I drove forward very slowly. (No one was behind me.) I passed the other bike which was lying in the middle of the highway with the rider sort of kneeling beside it. He wasn't thrown like the other rider was. It looked like the handle bars and the fairing were disconnected from the rest of the machine.

I hope they weren't seriously hurt.

That bike proceeding across the lane with no one aboard reminded me of the horse in the last Kentucky Derby.

P. S. I can't believe that how you spell fairing - I was trying for "fehring" or something more exotic.


  1. Well that made for an exciting trip:) Sounds like they were not hurt seriously :)

    1. I hope so! Haven't seen anything on tv or in the newspaper or on radio! Too trivial to report, I guess.

  2. Oh my goodness! What an exciting, (and scary), thing to happen. I'm glad it seemed neither was seriously hurt. Ater working in an emergency room, I know what can happen with motorcycles.