Saturday, June 8, 2019

No New News

Luckily not much has been going on around here. That's nice. I have spent too much time talking with employees in companies far, far away. And there is still no resolution to the check that was cashed but they have no record of it.

Patience is needed on that one.

Many places are still flooded and now it has become hot with real summer temperatures - 91? I feel so bad for those whose houses and crops are under water. The headline today on the weather column in our paper said that May was a record month for rainfall in Kansas.

I wonder what August will bring.


  1. Go in person to the local store. It's on 17th. Nothing ever gets done right when you call the far, far away number. That's why I always go in person. Things get done then. And take your proof. They should be able to take care it. Good luck!

    1. Thanks. I was lucky and got this one done by phone! Next time I'll follow your advice (if there is a next time and there will probably be one!) The other problem has no local place... :(

  2. I'm sorry your still struggling about the check. I agree with Diana that if you can handle it locally that may help.
    The flooding is terrible. All of our family in Nebraska and Iowa tell me about it, as everyone is very concerned.
    The poor farmers who lost everything, livestock, homes, and now crops because it's too wet to plant. My heart goes out to them all.

  3. Flooding is so destructive, I feel so sorry for all those affected especially the farmers:( I hope you get the check thing resolved soon I hate it when stuff like that happens, I hate loose ends:)

  4. It's 62 here this morning! Wonderful!

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