Friday, June 28, 2019


Do these young women look like college students? This was 1949 and the initiation day for the cheer club at Hutchinson Junior College. The name was later changed to Hutchinson Community College. I guess some one thought "junior" sounded to juvenile.

We were told what to wear on the day and we all did it. Some egg white in our hair, large purse, one of a pair of galoshes, hose rolled to the knee, 1920's style. There must have been more demands about clothing but I don't remember what it was and can't tell from the photo.

Oh, that is moi third from the left, amazingly the tallest one there unless it's the angle of the shot! I have shrunk over the years from my five feet seven and a half inches.


  1. Egg white in your hair? I do remember using jello, cola and (gasp) sugar water, but I totally missed the egg white. Don't think I'll try it though. I'll take your word for it. Great memories.

    1. I think it was to make it stiff and instead of something easy like hair spray, the chose something yucky.

  2. Haha! Marvelous photo! I can't imagine egg white in your hair, but what fun you must have had that day. Blessings! ♥

  3. That is hilarious! How fun for you all. I love the rolled hose.