Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Wednesday and an IVIG

Today at the hospital I had to confess a "fall" since my last visit. It doesn't seem it should count as a fall when the chair just goes out from beside you and you happen to be holding on to said chair.

The drip is so slow - from 1 p.m. till almost 5 p.m. The recliner gets harder and harder as time goes by. They told me that if I weighed more, they could shoot it in faster. I guess a poochy stomach doesn't count for weighing more.

Beautiful weather. Not too warm and a little breeze.


  1. Today's weather is pert near perfect! I wish every day of the summer could be like this one! Sending up prayers for your healing and comfort! ♥

  2. Praying for you my friend. How are you feeling today?

  3. Thanks for the good wishes. I felt better when I got up Wednesday morning than I had in a long time! I got several little housekeeping chores done that had been neglected (!)

  4. They should have a lambs wool throw to put on the chair for would help.