Thursday, June 20, 2019

Hot and Windy

Since it was so windy, I just let my hair dry any which way after my shower. It would have blown that way anyway as soon as I stepped outside!

One more doctor visit! Just a six month deal to meet up with "the lung guy." When we were in Texas for fifteen months, we saw various doctors there. We asked the one we liked best if he couldn't be our regular G. P. doctor. His answer was, "I'm just the lung guy." So my favorite doctor is the one I saw today. He was a G. P. but his specialty was pulmonology. After going along for a while with too many patients, he has decided to just do his "thing."

Lee was very disappointed. The doctor had told me but I didn't tell my husband. I thought, I'll just let doctor tell him himownself! So at the next appointment for Lee I said that Dr. S. had something he wanted to tell Lee. Dr. S. looked shocked. I'm sure he thought I had told Lee the bad news. So he had to be the one to disappoint Lee.

Was that mean? I hope not. It's not the first time somebody was shocked when they found out that I can keep a secret.  More on that tomorrow.

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  1. It sure turned out hot, didn't it! I have short hair, too, much simpler and more cool, and of course fast-drying in our Kansas wind. I'll be waiting to learn about your secret-keeping. Blessings to you and Lee!