Wednesday, June 5, 2019


Our major grocery says Good Food, Lower Prices.

I wandered from the yarn counter to the food area yesterday while I was at another large store that has a W on the front. The brand of coffee we buy appeared to be in a larger plastic can. Can you call plastic a can - I guess container would be better.

I checked the amount of coffee and the price and bought it. When I got home I checked our coffee label.  Eight ounces less and almost a dollar more!  Amazing.


  1. Hmmmm. That sure doesn't sound cheaper does it? I have found that our local store has even cheaper prices than the "W" store. They have bulk bins and I buy a lot from those.

  2. I find I have to go from the big D to the W and then to A to get the cheapest prices food-wise... almost seems like a round trip around the world sometimes. :P

  3. Our local grocery store has sales sometimes, we buy meat and produce there. W for other stuff and a visit to Costco every once in awhile to stock up:)