Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Just One of Those Days

Having spent yesterday morning on the phone trying to get a business transaction straightened out and then spending the afternoon on the phone with the cable provider wondering why our bill went up thirty dollars from the month before, I was hoping for a calmer day today.

(It's odd when the business sends you a statement that you still owe a payment for May when we have a cancelled check showing the check was cashed May 8th.)

And today I spoke on Facebook messenger with my best friend who happens to live in New Jersey.
Later I tried to call her and I get the message that my camera is not turned on. That has been a common message and it usually fixes itself. However, on a try a few minutes later the message reads there is no contact with a camera OR a microphone.

I need help. PN, when are you available????

Things get tedious sometimes.


  1. The exact same thing happened to me last month with Cox... but mine had jumped almost one hundred dollars! Yeah, they made a huge mistake and I had documentation, haha! I always go in person to their store to get things done, and I take detailed notes of names, dates, times, what was said, etc. My notes have come in handy several times in the past. Yep! Hope all your stuff gets worked out! Blessings! ♥

  2. Patience! I hate being stuck on the phone:(

  3. Our cable went up $40 last month. I called them and spent 2 1/2 hours on the phone but it was worth it. The bill went back down!
    I also had the payment thing happen with the alarm company. They said we were in default! We've NEVER been late with a bill in 41 years of marriage. And I had the cancelled check. Once I sent them a copy of that they apologized and said that the checks go directly to the bank, they never see them and can only post a payment once the bank notifys them and that can take up to 6 weeks! What! Then why do you send deliquent notices after 20 days? It's pure craziness!

    1. (Same with us in almost 67 years of marriage.) That's crazy! I send the check to an address in CA. Maybe they are talking about electronic transfer but none of that makes any sense to me.

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