Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Mr. Manilow

This is a photo I took at one of his  concerts in Wichita. I think it was in the 1980's. Then you could take pictures with a telephoto lens but no flash.

I was a big fan and even joined the fan club. When tickets went on sale, there was a separate line for fan members. I was the only little old lady in tennis shoes in that line. In fact, the day I was there, there were no bobby soxers in line either! Our younger son took me to one concert in Wichita and a couple rode with us to Salina to see his show. On the way home from that one, we drove through heavy snow that I don't remember being forecast!


  1. How cool is that! What a great photo to go along with that fun memory. We're going to see Bob Seger (again) and we saw Elton John last year...and are hoping to see him again this fall.

  2. I like Barry Manilow too. What fun memories you're having and sharing with us.