Monday, June 3, 2019


I don't think much about style for myself - think jeans or sweat pants. But I do like looking at styles from different periods. The old movies of the 1930's and '40's are fun to watch for the fashions.

Lately I notice the trend to more and more skin tight things. Not just pants but skirts and dresses. Many tv weather women wear quite tight items. Even at different stages of their lives including pregnancy.

I saw a dress today that seemed to cup slightly under the rear of the wearer. I pointed it out to Lee and he said, "If she is wearing it, it must be the style."


  1. That style – which some of us around here call "pouring oneself into a piece of fabric" – has been around here for a number of years, but yes, it's becoming worse as time goes on. It's hard to avoid seeing the skin-tight outfits everywhere we go... even at church! Ugh. It's definitely not MY style... I'm loose jeans and a big t-shirt!

    Have a blessed day! ♥

  2. I see that as well. How can clothes that tight be comfortable?
    If the clothes were form fitting in the olden days, the material was a lot thicker and didn't look like a second skin or painted on.

  3. I agree with you. It seems any semblance of modesty goes out the window. Tight, tight clothes and then the women scream that it's sexism when men look at them. I can't help but believe that that is exactly why they are wearing those clothes because they can't be comfortable. Modesty is out the window in a lot of cases. Just my two cents.

  4. Yes it seems it is molded around the butt...not my style:) If I were thin I would wear some of the Vintage Fashions:)

    1. Remember the sack dress? Straight down, now darts, no pleats, no waist. That hid a lot of flab.