Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Tuna Noodle Casserole

After buying the ingredients for one of Lee's favorite casseroles last week, I finally made it for lunch. We like those big Amish style thick noodles and peas and chopped onions in ours.

I run out of ideas of things to make. I can even remember when I was a teen ager that I wondered how my mom decided what to cook day after day. She was a good cook and we had great meals. In eighth grade at Liberty Junior High we had to take "cooking." I don't remember the actual name of the class. We learned how to make Eggs a la Goldenrod and served breakfast to the faculty. I did not like the class because all the stuff about vitamins and nourishment did not stay in my brain for the tests. That was the only class I ever got a D in. I believe the only other recipe I remember is escalloped cabbage and we do have that now and then.

I am lucky that my husband likes any kind of casserole - especially if it has hamburger in it. My dad was not thrilled with casseroles. He didn't like everything all together in one pot. His joke with my mom after a meal was, "I have tasted worse but I can't remember where."

I wonder if they still have cooking classes in high school now. I don't know any students here to ask. We had sewing in the seventh grade. I do believe the local high school has what we called vocational classes for anyone who wants to take welding or electronics or wood class. I think there should be more subjects of that type.

Can you tell that not much is happening around here today? It's our oldest son's birthday and we have texted greetings to him. Miss our sons and their families!


  1. Larry--like your dad--does not like casseroles. Does not like one food to touch another! Sneeds silly to me!

    1. When I was a kid, I wanted only one thing on my plate at a time. That didn't fly but they couldn't touch. Does seem silly when they all get together in the tummy.

  2. LOL I don't like my foot to touch either...I often use a seperate bowl or plate for messy foods:)
    I took Home Ec we made milk toast and a coffee cake...and learned how to set a table, then the next part was sewing where my Mom only got a C. It was a requirement you had to take a year of Home Ec after that you could take it instead of a study hall...I had two study halls:)
    I do not make Tuna Noodle Hotdish anymore...we ate it in college so much we got sick of it! :)
    Happy Birthday to your son!