Monday, April 23, 2018


For the first time in a long time, I bought some meat at the meat counter where a person actually took the item out of the display case, weighed it and wrapped it in brown paper.  1950!

I wanted to have some barbecued, baked chicken. So I get home, take it out of the bag and see that they recommend grilling or broiling.

I guess we'll see how baking it comes out while following the instructions of my sister-in-law in Jersey!

Report tomorrow.


  1. I bet it will be good:) I put paprika, some black pepper, garlic salt and cumin and a little cayanne pepper and make a rub bake the chicken and the last 15 minutes baste with sweet baby rays BBQ sauce and catsup:) Yummy

  2. It was good - and I didn't use those seasonings that you did. I am sure it would be even better. I may learn to cook yet.

  3. Yay to cooking:) We tried crockpot chicken which was good but fell apart.