Thursday, January 2, 2020

Mom's Photos

These are pictures of my mom from shortly after birth (what a long baptismal gown!) through high school and maybe prom in the white dress. Then graduation from nursing school in Halstead, KS, class of 1923. She was nineteen. She told me she was thin until she went to nurses training and had regular hours and regular meals. Then she gained weight and fought it the rest of her life.

The last photo was for their thirty-fifth wedding anniversary in 1963.  She died the next year at the very young age of sixty.

I have so many good memories of her and my dad. They adopted me when I was five months old and what a fortunate kid I was! They were not the parents who spoiled a child - I had a few spankings which were normal ways to correct children then. Some with a hand; some with a yardstick. There was not enough to make a mark and I'm sure I deserved to be disciplined!

It really is wonderful to have all good memories of growing up with them (except for the spankings!) and I miss them every day.


  1. Those are beautiful photos of your Mom. That baptismal gown is really amazing isn't it?! Yards and yards of fabric. I'll be 60 next month and it does seem very young to pass away. My Mom was born in 1922 and passed at the age of 67. Her Mom was 42 when she died. The women in our family don't seem to live very long. Hmmmm.
    It sounds like your parents loved you very much. Sometimes I wonder if making spanking an evil thing was such a smart thing to do. I know I had a few and I think I learned from them.
    Wishing you a lovely day my friend.

  2. Lovely photos. Interesting to see how she matured into her face over the years. I remember being spanked. Not often but it happened and it was always deserved and never brutal or abusive. I suppose there are "better" ways to punish a child who is disobedient but I really don't think a few whacks on the behind did us any harm. Unfortunately parents also crossed the line and it became abusive. I remember a hilarious story when my brothers misbehaved and knew they were going to get spanked they put some children's books in their pants so they wouldn't feel it. Mom wasn't fooled.

  3. Wonderful old photos. I enjoyed seeing them. How wonderful that you got such a great family!