Sunday, January 5, 2020

Two Dogs Sleeping

A few nights ago I dreamed (dreamt?) that I couldn't move my legs. I woke up and it was true. I grabbed my phone and took this photo at 3:00 a.m.  I call it a dog sandwich.  However, that would indicate a dog in the middle with something on either side of the dog. So I guess this is a leg sandwich.

We love our dogs (except Jill - the blonde on the right is a bully to Jack, the black one on the left.)


  1. What a pair and someone has to be the boss! Chance always slept next to the bed on the floor as he would get too hot and pant and drool if he was on the bed!.

  2. How sweet is that? Chloe has her bed on the loveseat in our room although she was so glad to have Dennis home last night when his plane finally arrived, that she slept with us most of the night. On the rare occasions she does that, I feel like you.

  3. So cute! We bought a king size bed because at that time we had 2 small dogs and a large one and they all had their favorite spots on the bed!