Thursday, January 16, 2020

More Adorable Cat Stories

Night before last Lee went out to the garage through the door from the pantry. The garage door was at its usual open stance of about one foot. Suddenly Jill ran by him and into the garage. Lee quickly hit the garage door switch and it closed before Jill could get out.

I don't think she was interested in getting out. She was interested in all the cats and kittens. She was chasing them around the van and they were going under the shelves and under the car. Lee was yelling at her to get back in the house.

I was blissfully sleeping and missed the whole thing.

Too. Much. Stress.

Now I want the door between the kitchen and the pantry reinstalled. There is hardware for it but no door.

Can you buy half a Dutch door? Or buy a whole split door and install only the bottom half?


  1. I'm not sure but maybe you could get one of those swinging baby gates. They would probably do the job.

    1. Good idea! I haven't seen one of those for a while. Wonder if the openings are small enough that a 25 lb. dog could not get through.

  2. One time we took a real door and cut it in half, added a board at the top and used it as a half door to keep our dogs contained.
    Sounds like Jill had an adventure!

  3. Betsy has a good idea. We used those to keep Belle downstairs.