Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Tom Thumb Wedding

I may have posted this before. I'm running out of things to post. There is nothing new happening here except our garage is full of more cats and kittens. When they gather in front of the house to begin their march inside the partially closed garage door, the dogs hear them and bark for extended periods of time while looking out the front window. How soothing.

So this photo from the 1930's is a relief. That is me and Bobby Vernon dressed up as for a wedding.
Some women at the First Methodist Church evidently this was cute and I understand it was a common thing to do.  I would guess I was about four. I do not remember this occasion so I'm glad there is a photo of it.

Google has quite a bit about the history of these events!


  1. We are enjoying your cat and kittens stories! My husband enjoys them too! What a couple of cuties in that old photo!

  2. That is such a cute photo. Your cat stories make me smile. I think that you "may" actually like them too?