Friday, January 10, 2020


All the talk here is about the weather conditions. On the radar we look "out of it." But the talking heads and their interpretation of the maps say otherwise. School events, including football games, are cancelled. Freezing rain will do that.

So far we have just had fog, sprinkles and a thunderstorm. That is a little unusual for January but here we are. , , helping Jill, the fearful bully dog, find a spot to hide from the rumbles. That involves opening the small bathroom door where it's dark. Jack who is unafraid of thunder but is afraid of Jill, ignores the whole scene and sleeps on the bed.

Tomorrow we'll see if they like the expected one inch of the white stuff.


  1. We had 9 inches so far today and it's still coming down. More predicted for Saturday and Sunday. We'll see what it actually does. I'm ready for spring. :-)

  2. Just beastly cold here -29 this morning, but the sun is out:)