Thursday, January 9, 2020

A Long Walk

Today I went to the store with the big W on the front. I bought some cotton yarn and headed half way down the huge store to the grocery department. I was looking for medium dog bones.

Strolling along and looking at signs, I did not see any items for pets. I saw a clerk loading a shelf and asked where I could find Milk Bones. "At the other end of the store in the north west corner."

I reversed course and headed out for the long haul to the pet department. Why did I not remember where the supplies for dogs, cats and other animals was way to the end of the store?

I don't know how many steps I got in today, but more than usual.


  1. The W store is a great spot to get some steps in:)

    1. The parking lot is always full here, but wandering the aisles there aren't that many people! I guess they're spread out over the acreage.

  2. I did that once too but now I know the layout of our local store and map out a circle route when I shop. Start in one door and out the same door making a huge lap/circle of the store. A great place to get my exercise in not so great weather. :-)