Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Coupon

I spent a lot of time this morning looking for a coupon from Kohl's that was in last Sunday's paper.
I had cut it out  in order to buy some undergarments (panties.) I had had it on the dining room table. Then it was put in some place safe while I cleared the table before "company" arrived.

We looked, purse; pockets; bedroom table. Gone. Lost.

So Lee asked me for some scissors which are kept in our junk drawer in the kitchen. There it was. In the drawer.  After all, 15% off is a good deal.

Later we got the paper off the porch. There was another insert from Kohl's with another identical coupon.

So when it warmed up, we went to the store. I found what I wanted. Three for $30.00. Wow. O.K. I'm ready to pay. I show my Kohl's card and the coupon. The nice, young clerk rang up the sale and said, "Two twenty-seven." I'm trying to figure in my mind what she just said. Was that twenty-seven what? I told her, "I'm sorry. I didn't understand the price."  "Two dollars and twenty-seven cents. They are on sale."

I guess! The sign must have been for the silkier version on the other side of the display. Anyway, I was amazed. I didn't know you could find anything that reasonable anymore.

And they are Vanity Fair.


  1. I think she rang it up wrong, surely not that good a deal. Your lucky day.

    1. I think she did it right. They were originally $10 so marked down to what? and then 15% off. She assured me it was correct!

  2. Wow! That was some deal! Your lucky day. And as for your coupon hunt, I do that kind of thing all of the time. Sometimes I wonder where I left my brain. Oh. It's probably in the kitchen drawer with your coupon. Ha! Ha!

  3. You should have bought more at that price! :)