Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Measure Twice and Then Cut

We went to  a store today that sells plastic by the yard. Our son and his family have enclosed our back porch, which is screened in, with plastic for the winter for several years.

Lee told the clerk he wanted three pieces, four and a half yards  long. She cut the pieces while I looked at the yarn shelves which were not very full of yarn. I also walked to automotive and picked up a quart of oil They had been out last week but advised me that more would be in stock on the 30th of October. This was the first time we had been back to pick that up. And when I got to the "oil shelf" there was not a quart of the type Lee wanted in sight. I leaned down and waaaay in the back were four quarts. I grabbed one and moved the other three to the front.

Back to the dry goods department and the plastic cutting. Suddenly the clerk, who was writing the amount of the three bundles on a paper, said, "I think  I made a mistake."

She had cut three pieces of three and a half yards each. She was very nice but tried to convince us that we could overlap it. There still was not enough there to do the job. She had no more of that grade of plastic. More will be in the 9th according to her hand held computer. She apologized. She was very nice, but I think she was disappointed we didn't take her mistake.

Later Lee said, "If she had given it to me at half price, I would have taken it."  I don't think they are allowed to do that.

Maybe they'll put it in a sale bin and charge half price.


  1. No doubt it will be on sale the next time you go. I remember when I used to sew I watched them measure! :)

  2. I'm sorry, that must have been disappointing for you. I guess we all make mistakes and hope that the clerk didn't get in trouble for hers. I'm glad she was nice about it. I had a similar incident when I was buying material for a dress. A clerk cut my material 1/2 yard too small and then said I hadn't told her the correct amount. She intended to charge me for her mistake and make me buy both cuts of yardage, the correct one and the wrong one! Lucky for me two other customers had heard me tell her the amount I wanted and came to my defense. I learned then to watch closely when they measured. :-)

  3. Hope they don’t deduct it from her pay.