Sunday, November 3, 2019

Here It Is - Sunday!

We are having a few warm days until we go back to the coldness. I felt a cold coming on so I used some Zycam and I think it sent the cold away. I hope so, anyway.

Yesterday I made chili. We like it no matter the outside temperature. On the packet of chili flavoring mix, I saw a recipe for Cincinnati Chili. No beans. A tablespoon of cinnamon added to the rest of the ingredients, and served over spaghetti with the beans added on top. I don't believe I'll try that one. I remember my mom used to buy a "brick" of chili. It was about the size of a pound package of butter and had meat, beans and flavoring molded together. She cut it up in pieces and put it in some water. Then we had chili. As I remember, it was very good. I also remember my dad putting a small splash of vinegar in his bowl from the small cruet on the table.

I add celery, green pepper and onions besides beans, tomatoes, hamburger and a dash of Worcestershire and liquid smoke.

Many years ago I saw a recipe for a chocolate cake that used sausage in it. What was I thinking? I made it and everyone who tried it said they could really taste the sausage and they really didn't like it. Maybe too much sausage and not enough chocolate?
This is the little vinegar cruet that was on our table about eighty years ago.


  1. I remember my Grandpa putting vinegar in his chili too and my Mom using the brick of chili. My dad didn't like anything besides meat, potatoes and gravy, so it was rare to have anything different like chili at our house.
    Mom loved to go to lunch with us girls once we could drive because she enjoyed all different varieties of food, especially chinese. I never had pizza until I started dating Dennis! His family ate everything and my horizons expanded.
    I put beans, tomatoes, ground beef, worchestershire sauce, sugar, chili spice and onions in my chili. I have actually won some contests with it. We serve it with cheese, black olives, crackers and sour cream. Yum!
    Happy Sunday my friend.

    1. Good for you on your winnings! I don't know why I depend on those packets of seasonings instead of using chili powder and my own seasonings. (Lazy?)

  2. I have a good chili recipe. I put in my own seasonings. Interesting about the brick of chili...I have not heard of that before. I use hamburger and brisket, diced tomatoes, different kinds of bean chili, kidney, red and black, shoepeg corn...a bottle of beer, ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce brown sugar and chili powder. I could add onion but my husband hates onion.
    Years ago I made it with hamburger, tomato soup, red beans and chili was a quick and easy recipe! Mix it up put it in the crockpot and you are good to go!
    Cold up here...we had comfort food tonight...roast pork, mashed potatoes, gravy and baked carrots:)

  3. Your roast pork sounds good! We have them on sale this week-end: buy one and get one free. And your firs chili recipe sounds good and huge!