Sunday, November 10, 2019

Hats With Flowers

Today  on one of my favorite blogs, I saw a lovely hand (knitted) hat made by a very nice person for a charity. She had added a flower on the side. I had several crocheted hats I had made. A mistake was to leave one out where some puppies could get to it and chew.
So with mismatched  yarn, I mended the tear and made a flower to cover the defect.

I have made and given a lot of hats to our grandkids, relatives and friends. This is not one of my favorite patterns, but it sure is an easy one.
After I finished this, I found a picture of the original damage. (I wish I knew how to move it to the top.


  1. What a perfect fix for the puppy damage! I thought about putting a big button on mine but decided to try one of the crochet flowers I learned how to do! :)

  2. Well, that was a brilliant save for the hat! The flower looks like it belongs there.